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    Arlz mine are the SAME way….nipples feel on FIRE and SOOOO tender but boobs feel sore and bruised when i push on them



    superdrugs own brand and tried a digi today too ..just dont get it yesterday thought there might ov been a bit of a show today there is possibly the faintests of faint line but i doubt it its probably just my crazy line eye



    I have to tell u guys- I snuck a HPT into the bathroom to hide for tomorrow morning (DH thinks I should wait a few more days, but hello? thats y they make 2 packs!) anyway I went to hide it in the drawer and I ended up finding 1 from when I was pg w/ my daughter lol I must have had 1 left over when I went on the POAS spree cuz I was in total disbelief. I’m shocked its still good YAY!! now i have a secret stash haha


    Ok ladies i need some advice here….i am CD 30 and 15dpo….bfn’s and no af! This is totally not normal for me. The ticker on my page which is normally right on says this is day 3 of AF! I am so frustrated. I have been having cramping since about 11dpo and still no AF. Have any of you ever had this happen and then got a BFP or just AF playing tricks? If she is still not here tomorrow i am making an appt with my doc for a bloodtest!


    I feel like crap lol and my cervix feels like it needs a good scratch grrrrr but other than that waiting patiently to see if AF comes how are you ?



    has anyone heard of green tea increasing fertility and does it work?


    LOL it’s ADORABLE!! Kind of like a child the first time they pee on your floor..although its not fun to clean up its still kinda funny and cute at the same time….the best pee that ever went on my carpet LOL



    @hoping – thanks for the encouragement…. am feeling like it’s probably an early af which is a disappointment… but not totally out yet… will wait till she shows up properly….



    YOU GO GIRL REBEKAH LOL we are done, I did the hip trick and hopefully spermies got to the egg : ) goodnight



    @ trying -> can you not go to the hospital and ask them to do an indepth test? I know we can here in Canada if the family Dr requests it. How accurate is this home test? To me ALL home test have a greater chance of being faulty. I would not give up just yet hun. Have you looked at his diet and does he smoke or drink? All of this can cause low sperm count or slower swimmers.


    HEY LADIES: I hope all goes well under the BFP tree! I brought more choco bars, marshmellows and graham crackers for everyone to snack on! LUCKY: Congrats on your December wedding plans! To answer your question is kind of hard…If you got pg in July you would be about 5 months in Dec and more than likely have a pretty nice bump. BUT our HR person where the dh and I work is 7 mo pg and is about 6′ tall-and-skinny pre-pg and she is just now starting to show and it looks like she swallowed a volleyball..LOL I on the otherhand am a bigger woman and you would think I wouldnt show early because of my size but its the opposite. At 5wks my pants that button are to tight and Ive not gaine weight its the bloating I guess plus I retained fluids with past pg.. Hope that Helps!



    I went off BC in Dec and we’ve been kind of trying but not full force. It took 1 1/2yrs to get pregnant with our son but we were definately not trying. I couldn’t find a pill that didn’t make me sick we so decided I stop and if I got pregnant, great. I hope it doesn’t take that long this time seeing as we are ready for another.






    @ hoping -> LOL I also have everything but my legs crossed lol. Thanks.



    oh.. and I didn’t even notice the f-bomb until you mentioned it haha, I work for a plumbing company, so I hear that kind of language all day haha, certainly didnt bother me 🙂

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