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    You can start anytime but the earlier the better if your cycles are wonky. There is a little more to it….like you should take your temp vaginally or under your arm if you sleep with your mouth open or snore. Temp needs to be taken around the same time each day, 30 minutes before or after is fine but if its more than an hour there are BBT adjusters online. I think it’s about 0.1 degree per hour? Can’t remember. It’s easy. Takes a few days to get the hang of grabbing the thermometer as soon as you open your eyes! LOL



    Congrats to all the bfp’s that’s very exciting! Man, I’m wishing I had of used preseed as I still have 3 tubes of it left from ttc our first. I used it for 2 months but nothing happened so I gave it up. Oh well, I’m in the tww now so if nothing happens this month maybe I’ll use it next month.



    Well, the EPT was negative, but I still have hope at this point. AF hasn’t come yet (28 days since last cycle) but since I had potential implantation bleeding only a couple days ago, it’s possible levels aren’t high enough yet for detection. Hoping for that BFP!



    be back a bit later…off for a blood test


    Do some ladies not get any kind of positive test until the day their period is due, or a couple days after that??



    cd 16 for me, i have no clear whether i have o’d or not i had a lot of ewcm from saturday-tuesday so i think i must have o’d, my cm is now pretty dry/ it not too early for me to have o’ tho? my last month cycle was 32 days..i will be due af around the 7th nov



    Congrats Kathleen 🙂
    So had to wake up early to take my little man to the hospital for an ultrasound follow up on his kidneys. (All good 🙂 ) But After half an hour of being up I suddenly felt really nauseous and then filling the car the smell of petrol made me throw up. Hoping this is a good thing as I dont get sick. To be on the safe side went to the gp and she decided to do a beta hcg. I know its terribly early but at 5 tonight I should find out a possible answer. Oh I cant help but get all excited and hopes up…


    toomanyyrs- Its good to try and find the good in things. Your comment about him was not mean. lol It really seems like you have a great outlook on everything which is awesome. Keep your spirits up hun.
    Turtle- I have been saying prayers as well for all of our ladies who are ttc. Its nerve wracking. I have never been so nervous while ttc., but I want another little one so bad! How long have you been trying for?


    Oops – 10 lol just DPO haha. Silly phone!


    I’m out for this month. AF arrived last night. Maybe next time.



    Lovely – Yeah, I wouldn’t go out and get a FRER or anything but I figure since I have the test strips, why not. Since I’m expecting a BFN, it really won’t be such a disappointment. I’m getting really down about it all, actually. I am literally surrounded by babies and pregnant woman who have made it seem so easy. 99% of my friends and family have kids. It’s so hard to go through each day…let alone each (bfn)cycle. This is only our 5th month…and I’m starting to get the feeling that we have a very long road ahead of us. Every time I turn around I have someone asking me ‘So are you pregnant yet?’ I feel like yelling at them…it’s like – do you really have any idea how much that question STINGS!?!! Today – I’m obviously having a very down day, ladies…*sigh* Sorry about the negativity…although I’m sure I’m not the only one who has ever felt that way.



    its so odd that its morning for some of you when im about to eat supper haha



    Its been a long time since i have posted in here we are still ttc this year in June we celebrate 3 yrs of marriage! AF showed yesterday 🙁 promised my boss and friend who is waiting for her grand baby from us that if we are not preg by May i would start looking to go back to nursing school for my RN. Spent 2 days of my hubby family claiming I am preg when sadly I knew I was not and wished to God iwas



    WOOHOOO!!! My insurance starts Nov 1. I am so happy this insurance is so freaking good!!



    So it’s been a while since I have been on here! I am currently 10 days late for AF should it be regular, but being me I have no idea when she is coming or whether or not I have even o’d so I’m a bit hesitant in testing as its my last test. I have been having very mild cramping for a week now, nausea in the evenings, extremely tired and moody but I don’t know if that means AF is coming very soon or what. Grr this sucks. I want it so bad but I’m too scared to test as I just don’t ‘feel’ pregnant in myself.

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