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    I feel the NEED (LOL) to explain a little…..first of all, we have a small-ish house. There are 2 bedrooms connected by a bathroom, and the kitchen, dining room and living room are all one big room with a cathedral ceiling. That is pretty much our whole house. All 5 of us, DH, myself, both kids, and the dog sleep in our king size bed- even though DS has an awesome car bed and DD has a beautiful crib! I digress. I would also need a bigger car for 3 car seats. The only reason TTC now might work better is bc DS will start preschool in Sept 2013. If we wait until Jan (for an Oct baby, saying we even get pregnant right away) that would only be a short time after he starts school. He is a momma’s boy and I am a SAHM so this is already a big deal without having a newborn! AHHHH! Bare minimum, we would have to get the kids sleeping in their own room and a bigger car. I need advice….or words of encouragement….or someone to tell me that I have baby fever and I need to just cool it until Jan. Anyone?? O_o



    Are the cycts from PCOS Sassy? I thought they were internal in the ovary, and not able to be removed as such. If they are external, and not PCOS that’s another matter. If your cysts are blocking new follicle growth they can stop ovulation from happening. Hope it gets resolved soon.



    Well, AF showed up and boy was she screaming, thought it was an early miscarriage went to hospital just a really bad cycle…so I am out this month. GL to all the 2ww’ers out there and baby dust to everyone!!!!



    Thanx tahlias. i havnt told hubby yet. he is playing golf. lol!!



    Morder : Yea tested way to early but i just cant help the wanting to know feeling lol Have you tested since thursday?


    Janet – I conceived my LO during a 90 day cycle and I was never able to find out exactly when I got pregnant as they kept changing my due date with every U/S! (and I got lot’s!)



    hey everybody! Redhead, that sounds amazing! although Im put off acupuncture when they left a needle in my grans knee for 2 days, she didnt even realise bless her, until she complained of pain to me and I found it :-O anyways,12 DPO symptoms today..Im so happy, very very happy, and hungry, and thirsty,lower back ache every now and then and my BBs are still bigger tingly and BLUE . sexy. AF is nowhere to be seen. STAY AWAY WITCH! x


    Well…CD 35 for me today and BFN again. I just wish AF would show up so I can start a new cycle! I see my Dr on thursday, so if I haven’t had AF by then, I’m going to ask him to run some tests!



    novemberbaby18– I know what you mean! I notice every little twinge lol. I think we become a little more ‘in tune’ with our bodies.



    Congrats on the BFP’s and good luck to those testing soon!


    Day 2 of a headache :S Boo!!! Also AF is due to hit the 25-28 Christmas to my birthday… How fun..Ÿ˜’



    @ TTCOURFIRST – im so sorry for your loss sweetie. :0(



    So my uterus hurts and it feels exactly how it feels the day efore AF shows up. I’ve been really nauseous today to and thats a sign AF s coming for me. CD 22 andI’m not supposed to get AF til saturday but I feel she might come earlier.



    …but there is much more joy than worry 😉



    thank you debih and mummytoharrison for your replies…. its such a scary time ttc after a loss its loving to hear these ladies who have got bfp congrats hope to be joining you soon

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