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    I am not using my last clearblue digital until Saturday. I have a few more dollar tests, but they are in hubby’s laptop bag and he’s at work! Haha.



    Have had a great week potty training my 2 1/2 yr old son. He mastered it in 5 days! The last three mornings he was dry all night as well!! So proud! it took my daughter a year! And they say boys can find it harder! Pah!!! I’m so pleased! Also Last night we put his baby bottles into the garden for the elves and fairies to give to another baby! Two nights on he’s asking me to buy red cups to go with his blue ones!! Now he just needs to sleep through the night and we can think about having another baby!!!



    How fun and exciting Candida!



    Jamie that’s exciting!!! Question- do you count the next day after the d&c as cd 1?



    Evening ladies, @2010Baby, I think some women do Breakout when they are pregnant. I’m not sure if it’s a part of early pregnancy or later though.



    Hey ladies I am back on the ttc. I just took last month off from the forums and testing. It’s been too much.

    In case anyone is new, I am on cycle 14 of ttc #3 I all of a sudden am having infertility issues.

    Anyway I have been taking ovulation tests since last may?! And I always get a positive and then it fades, I may get 1-2 positives before it fades. Anyway we bd 8 times in the last 12 days and I woke up cramping and extra cm on Thursday do I took an opk and it WAS positive so I was like great I’m ovulation!!! Then on Sunday and thought it was weird so I took another ovulation test and it was positive, and I’ve had a positive test every day since. Sun, mon, tues, and today. I am Soooooo confused as this has never happened. Does anyone have any insight?!

    I’ve searched it online and I keep reading mixed thing…..



    oh btw, the guy said the baby measured exactly 4 weeks, so my due date is now sept 7th. but im sticking with sep 3, cuz thats my bday 🙂



    Thanks ladies… I give up. Lol. I think it’s just crazy eyes. I’m just going to wait til I go to my ob on Tuesday.



    Lawwa, generally, you O within 48 hours of your first + OPK, but it is possible if your body tried to O and failed (CD 17 – 19) then it will have a second LH surge to try again (today’s). Do you have any other signs that you might be Oing now, like EWCM or a high, open cervix? I would sneak in a BD session later, just in case. 🙂



    I decided I wasn’t going to track anything this cycle and just have fun well since I am the type of person I need to know what’s going on and what’s going to happen. I caved and took an opk today and it’s positive and we bd four days ago yesterday and today so we will see what happens. I would be more than happy if it happens but if not that ok I am used to the dissapointment now and hd and I are going away for our Aniversary in June with no kids so if I don’t get preg before then it’s ok. Good luck to all trying!!



    Yay for retail therapy Lawwa! I hope they get answers and ‘easy treatment’ for you soon!



    babytwee– Was it actual red bleeding or brown/pink? I think that is too late for ib, I have read that implantation occurs between 6-12 dpo so you wouldn’t get fresh blood that late. Also, you can’t get a positive test until after implantation so you wouldn’t get ib and positive test in the same day. If it was brown though it could be left over from implantation and it took it a while to make its way out…I had that happen with my DS. I also had light spotting off and on the first 7 weeks of my pregnancy with DS and everything was fine. I ended up in the ER once with it and was told as long as it wasn’t heavy, no clots and it didn’t last more than 3 days, it should be fine. First trimester bleeding is actually pretty common.



    lol re read the message i left i ment close as possible to ovulation lol



    welcome GypsyJude!! this forum has been a lot quieter over the last few weeks than it has in previous weeks. Hopefully that’s because most of the women got their BFP’s…



    well I am off to work I will talk to you all later or tomorrow

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