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    Thank you very much!!!! So are you CD12, due to ovulate anyday?


    That is really good and a big step for u ?



    It is horrible on a huge level – but it works. Although I feel queasy just recollecting that putrid smell, and it was nearly 8 years ago!!!



    mss – haha i do the same thing! i only leave it on for 2 hrs when i go to bed. there is a timer on it. it will effect your temp. i would make sure that you sleep with it off for at least 3 hrs before you take your temp



    Nope. I have a 16 month old at home. I didn’t get my cycle back until 14 months post-partum…



    Gypsy – welcome to the site I’m on month 4 of ttc and it’s definitely becoming a pain now that I’m not pregnant! Hope you have better luck than me.


    Ooooo Awesome… have Fun trying…. Go buy a new sexy nighty!! 😀


    yeah cleo , congrats . i am so excited for you. Hopefully we all join u soon.



    So, I had two spots of blood following intense period cramp 6 dpo. After that, I experienced a couple of bouts of sicky feelings, but not what I’d class as sickness or even nausea…. I’ve also been tired, and have napped in the day a couple of times (something I’ve only ever done when pregnant)…. My suspicions aroused, I took a HPT on Friday (2-days before my period was due)…. It wasn’t first morning urine (was too anxious so used it in the evening, after I bought it)…. Not pregnant…. Wasn’t convinced, so saved the 2nd HPT for Sunday, when my period should have reared her head….. Inconclusive….. She’s a day late, and I got another inconclusive test this morning…… Am testing again tomorrow morning….. No period signs…… Just the tiredness….. When I got pregnant last year, all I had for symptoms was tiredness and missed period until around 5 o 6 weeks pregnant…… Am seriously confused……



    lol bexy-maybe before and after hahahaha!!! Cherry- im using the first response ones. I got a false postitve on a HPT with Clearblue so i have steered away from those…



    lol Sking! That is a funny image! I don’t think hubby has to be the one holding you by the legs, but there is some truth to gravity helping sperm get to the uterus, so a pelvic tilt is a good plan for 15 minutes after BDing. Legs in the air does not help unless there is actual elevation of the hips to help sperm stay in and swim to the correct destination! As for twins, if you released two eggs, then getting more sperm to the uterus might help fertilize both (for fraternal twins) so again, some truth to that story =) Whatever works!



    Oh thanks cherry, yea im still tryna take in the fact that i was pregnant in the 1st place!



    proud- good luck..



    Congrats Cleo…. Thats fantastic!!! did you find out if they are identical or…..?



    tiffyy – I was here when you were last TTC. Then again, there are days I feel like I have been here since Jesus was conceived!! lol, just kidding – I know I am not nearly as unlucky as some other long time TTCers. =P

Viewing 15 posts - 40,336 through 40,350 (of 131,346 total)

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