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    Crazy – thanks! Pg symptoms and AF symptoms are so similar so it’s kinda hard to tell sometimes! I will stay hopefull until AF shows her face (due nov 9)



    Good luck mommy2maddox, maybe schedule an appointment for a check up, they might put you on birth control to get your period regular



    ty I will be posting pics I have my first faint bfp up already second one is to come in a few minutes. I might have to by a digital but I want to wait a few days before trying one.



    Good morning Ladies!



    Wow Congrats on the win at bingo ry! Way to go!



    Fantastic MummyYumYum – I was reading over your second last blog – this was destined to be your month for sure!



    is anyone testing over the weekend?? if so GOOD LUCK!!! im dying to test again! HAHA i might try sneak into the dr’s monday 😉



    Great, let’s all start a POAS Addicts Anonymous chapter, lol. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Danah, did you ever get your af? I thought you were in the same boat as me with no af, and due around the same time?



    Weegee, I have very lumpy breasts, and in 2002 found a 1 inch lump above my nipple on the right breast. I had to pay private to get it checked out ( this wonderful NHS of ours said that as I was under 30 I wouldn’t be classed as high risk!). It was classed as a fatty tissue lump. The doc was unconcerned and said that only if it starts to hurt will I need it removing. It had grown quite considerable now, approx 3 inches long and us only painful the week before AF. I also have another in the same place on my left. The docs believe it’s the same thing. I check very regularly as I’m really paranoid, and my nurse has given me one of the education boobies to compare the lumps to. How big is it?



    I should not say lurk… when I’m on, I usually don’t shut up – not much lurking going on!! I have a wireless laptop, so it moves with me… I am putting dishes away in the kitchen and DS is napping 😉 … next move will be to the toy room to clear a path. Gee toddlers are messy!


    crazy….awww its blue dye? If its not dark i wouldn’t trust it. Blue always leaves faint lines even blue. Believe me iv’e used to many and i don’t know why i do well cause they are cheap lol.



    Im 13 DPO and my BB’s hurt so bad and my lower back is so sore AF is due tomorrow had a few cramps earlier this week and a couple today like she was gonna show her face but nothing so we will see tomorrow if she shows up or not hopeing she don’t………….CONGRATS to all the BFP’s and good luck to those TTC like me….lots of sticky baby dust !!!!!!



    aliana, are you testing with internet strips?



    I tested this morning and nothing, but its still to early. I’m gunna still test with you guys on Saturday, so I’m gunna make myself wait till then. Its only 3 days


    11 DPO today and still getting BFN’s thinking this isn’t our cycle. i’m gonna keep temping on FF but i’m not testing again til AF is really late if it happenes

Viewing 15 posts - 40,366 through 40,380 (of 131,346 total)

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