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    Mornin ladies! Woke up to an awful nose bleed… Hasnt happened in years! How is everyone doing?



    CD13 for me here. Ovulation is tomorrow, going by this ovulation predictor. Wondering if this is my month to conceive my healthy baby.


    TBT…. U r aloud to feel like that right now i know i did last week when every one was geting ther BFPs and i was just ending my period : ( . Hope u dont mind ther being three of us being under that tree. I will bring the buckets to catch the baby dust in and somem marshmellows !!!



    Hello all,

    I am back on this site after a few years. I had my son March 20th 2008 now we are trying again. Last time conception happened in a blink of an eye and i’m really hoping for the same luck. I’ve been off my pill for about a month and starting to feel some light cramping especially when I sit down and slightly nauseous so i’m keeping my fingers crossed? I’ve also had a headache for the past three days, is this normal? I barely had any symptoms early on in my pregnancy last time so I’m not sure. Good Luck to everyone TTC!!



    Okay ladies…scoot over. I want to come sit under the BFP Tree. How is everyone doing tonight? What have I missed?

    Hey has anyone read the Dr. Shettles book? What are your thoughts? We are trying to have a girl this time around (we have 3 boys and a girl) If we have another boy then that is WONDERFUL too and I will be so happy!! But you know we are at least gonna try. Has anyone done this or is anyone doing it? 🙂



    damkat ~ lol trying to not get my hopes up just yet but my body is definetly feeling like its being taken over lol and 4 evaps surely cant happen? i dont know :S



    nunu: Here’s an extra *shake* just for you 🙂 Hang in there hun, you’ll get your BFP too! I’ve been on a TTC roller coaster since December, but I just rest comfortably knowing I will have my wee bundle of squirmy baby when the time is right 🙂



    Awww Loopy…still time. Most people dont get their bfp until after 14dpo. You seem to have lots of symptoms and a great chart 🙂 Could you not post a pic of todays tests so we can see if WE can see a second line for ya?? FX for you! xx



    LOL!! Chrissi you crack me up!! I am SOOO like that!! I swear buying HPTs is like an addiction. If Shawn knew how much money I REALLY spent when we were trying for our son oh he would have killed me!! HAHAHA!!! I went on Ebay today and bought 25 tests for 8 bucks!! WOO HOO!! I told Shawn that I bought them today and he was like ‘Oh thank god….at least we won’t go broke this time!’ LOL!! (oh if he only knew..tee hee! 🙂



    @ jenn80 -> thanks I was starting to think I was crazy and maybe speaking in tonuge or something. lol.



    sarah – hope you feel better soon and that AF stays away!!! I’m doing much better then earlier today, I was bummed because I wanted father’s day to be my BFP day, but it’s not and that’s ok, it’s still early.



    Ladies, I posted my chart, I used up my OPK’s on sunday, I tested several times Sat and Sun after getting the pos OPK cause the directions say use them within 30 days so I figure they’ll be no good next cycle. Every test both days were very positive, no question, but I haven’t gotten my spike yet. I’m anxiously waiting to see what tomorrow is. think I might BD tonight just to be safe, I didn’t yesterday.



    Princess- My AF is also due the 25th and i was able to get a positive on a HPT over the weekend. I’m pretty sure i o’ed on the 10th



    Hi Ladies! Haven’t been in here for a whole week. Was on leave and just had a small vacation i guess. Quite a good rest i must say. The fertileAid has been working well i guess. Coz Ive realised that im not so dry anymore, im always ‘moist’ if i may put it that way. So for tmi. lol! Which is really great. Make BD so much better. lol! Im 4 days late for AF but dont want to take a hpt coz i was this late last time and AF came almost 2 weeks late and it lasted for 2 weeks also. So im being so patient and will just wait and see. Baby dust to all.



    I took 3 test today and they all come back BFP’s… I have 3 more to take.. but im sure after I take the one tomorrow morning it will put me as ease..

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