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    Thx Sher and ink- I’m def keeping my fx!!!



    man my boobs have been sore literally since 2 weeks before my last period! that would be middle of nov. thats why i swore i was preggo! but now its just a lingering symptom and its pretty annoying! other than that, i’ve just been feeling the twinge/sharp cramps in the pelvic area, on both left and right sides. anything else well nothing yet! but for the past week i have been waking up with the WORST sore throat! its gone thru-out the day, then at night it comes back! i know its nothing preggo-related but its also annoying! so theres 3 of us in the same boat then?



    7th baby, thanks, I’ve been getting help from a dr since September….



    its darker then my positive blue dye test, kayce! good luck and i hope it gets darker 🙂


    Hi lady’s, I have done some reading and the way I feel and and how things are I really could be pregnant. Has anyone been pregnant before and had a BFN at all the HPTs? Problem is I need to know in the next 3 as we will be flying to Europe. I might just wait a few days and take a new test otherwise I will have to see my dr next week to get all the tests done.



    Ok I have cramps galore right now with pain in my legs as well! I don’t understand because I am not due for AF for the next 10 days! What the heck is going on??????????



    af came two days early last night. Called my dr office and thy are getting me in tomorrow for a prescription for progesterone suppositories since the natural cream didn’t help me. So, cd2 today. Hoping this is the month for us all. FX!



    7DPO. Not feeling anything, really. Had some tugging/pinching sensations and hoping it was implantation. I really would love a Christmas BFP. I need to remind that it’s still early and there is a chance. Cycle 8 for me.



    We are on month 7 off TTC number 6 , miscarriage in October 🙁 , fingers crossed for us all that this month sees some bfps !! Shaym yay for ovulating !!!!!! Hmmmm maybe a bfp for you then 🙂



    sorry not the baby, the sac!



    Cd 19 here, and I have my beautiful positive OPK staring at me… It sucks to waste this egg! I hate waiting! Haven’t bd since last Friday cuz we don’t want risk a pregnancy right now, and finally broke down and bought condoms tonight. We hate those damn things. Gonna use them tonight for sure, but they better not break! Need a mental break from the 4 losses now. Probably not gonna try next month either, but will then try the IUI with doc the following cycle. Waiting still sucks though…



    I give up! Just checked and no EWCM, Cervix feels closed and a repeat OPK is now negative!! Quite obviously negative. Just going to stick with my original OPKs which were constant for 3 days but maybe move my O date back to CD 19 so I am now 4DPO instead. this means I shall shift my testing date back to the 9th or 10th Jan too.



    Well I am officially in the tww. 2 dpo today. Hoping and praying this was our cycle.



    Thanks Diane – I also hope it doesn’t interfere with my TTCing!!



    babytwee,please feel free to continue messaging here! I also noticed the other weeks don’t really chat too much and it would be sad to move to the weeks only to have nobody to talk to lol.If you just had a little spotting when you wiped and its not enough to be seen on a pad then I personally wouldn’t worry too much because your pregnancy could still just be settling.a tiny bit of spotting and cramping after sex can also be very common,i experienced that myself.some woman even have a period their first month of pregnancy and everything still fine 🙂

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