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    bkttc – Ohh i heard that gives you pos read ages, Try another brand thats not a good one.



    I think I will test next friday if I can wait that long lol



    ugh…. so i took a HPT on mon and it was a BFN… but i think i had implantation spotting on the 1st and a lil on the 2nd. i’ve been nausous for the last 2 weeks, my breasts are tender, and feel swollen. i’ve been having light cramping off and on and lower back pain, and i’ve been having more frequent headaches. i’ve also been insanely hungry without being able to get full… i am supposed to start today and nothing… ugh!!!!! i wanna take a test but i dont want to….


    Mommy2aidan—Thank you!! I really didn’t want to resort to this again, but it seems like I need some kind of proof I’m ovulation. I do get + OPK, but they don’t predict ovulation, they just predict a surge. Good luck to you!



    Debih I think this is BFP if it is you are going to be our 1st November’s BFP but you have to conform as good luck and I think that is BFP!



    I dont see it being the infection or the antibiotics. Ive had to be on them before for an infection and it didnt effect OV. I would say you just skipped it somehow. Alot of women can miss OV for a month but nothing be wrong.


    I am still waiting for AF to start to start my next IVF cycle, I am 3 days late and am certainly not expecting to be pregnant as I did an opk last month for 2 weeks-yes-two weeks and never for the first time got a + so Im assuming it was an annovulatory cycle, for the first time in my life! They say they happen once a year, its the first for me ever. N E Who not going to waste any more of my husbands tee hee hard earned cash on hpts and gonna wait it out, I am feeling ever so crampy now for a few days so hopefully she is on her way….crazzy how i actually want to see her this month!!



    so, I’m 16 dpo. took a hpt last night, bfn…so I took another hpt first thing this morning, bfn.. 🙁 not sure whats next. no sign of af!



    Hi Ladies, Have been off the site for a while as ttc was driving me insane. I had EWCM on CD17/18 of a 28-30 day cycle. Now 9 days later i am having some brownish CM. I had some hormone blood tests on CD20 and results where a high LH count. Surely its not my period already if i ovulated around last weekend….Pleaes help!



    I use to have a lot of watery cm, but ever since my miscarriage I feel like I have less. I’ll check out the preseed – Thanks!



    how accurate is ovulation calendar on the web?? does anyone know



    bailees =-(



    Good Morning Ladies!! Well i just tested this morning and i got a BFN. Im CD 32. felt some cramps coming on yesterday but no AF. Last month i was 11 days late. Im not quite sure what is going on?!? Loads of sticky baby dust too all!!



    adsa’s own brand Â3.95 for two tests !


    Good luck tiffany. We’re a friendly lot here, full of information, humor, and support for each other.

Viewing 15 posts - 40,696 through 40,710 (of 131,346 total)

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