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    Natalie……If we have a girl we deicded on Natalia Marie, but if we have a boy he wants to name him after him. but with the second not with the Jr….lol



    I am very lucky I have 2 wonderful sons but I literally dream about the little girl I could have….. Oh and congrats 07babe!!!



    Went to the OB for my missed period in Oct….. by complete surprise i’m PREGGO!!! She thinks i’m about 4 weeks along. I got back in the 17th for a sono and OB appt. Good luck to everyone baby dust to you!!



    Congrats happyforest!!



    Hi Vicki, I have the afternoon off!!!! yay!!!! I couldnt really afford the time but I really dont care!!! my friend and her 6 week old baby came over for tea and a chat. I was a little worried I would get teary, but I wasnt at all! we had a cuddle, little Evie is too cute!



    Congrats @ Ryder. Well ladies I am not sure about this month. I am on CD18 not real sure if I O or not or when to try testing. Still bding every other day just in case. My temp went down by .4 one day and then the next up by 1 deg. I had about 4-5 days of 96.4 then 96 and then 97.4. Been having cramps in the pelvic area. Last cycle I had so many symptoms and nothing now. Any thoughts?



    damkat lol you know me soo well 😀 ….and yes you are crazy…but hey u just love poas as much as i do!



    heymickey-when was it positive? if just yesterday id have sex again every night til my basal temp goes up. i just read that it is advised to hyave sex even sfter temp goes up just incase you double ovulate. good luck:)



    Well I said that I thought AF was here at full force. I was cramping kinda bad last night.. When I got up this morning and wiped I had a pretty big streak of blood. I thought with out a doubt it was AF.. I went ahead and used a tampon. Well upon taking it out…. It is clean nothing on it! So maybe she is not here yet after all….. Hopefully that is good news. Or maybe she is just teasing me. I really hate the evil witch!



    Good morning everyone. I nee some help with my chart i just wanted to know what it means when your temperature stays the same for 5 days. On the 26th my temp went to 36.3 and then from the 27th my temperature has remained 36.2. CAn anyone tell me what this means?



    Is someone just punishing me for something I did?



    Well ladies…I seen the doctor today about my pap results. She said exams always over-call to be safe, but they found pre-cancer spots. I have to wait until after my next period to ensure that there’s no risk of pregnancy, and then I go in for a biopsy. She said because they over-call, it could be nothing. But how do spots just appear on your cervix and be ‘nothing’? Won’t know 100% until after my biopsy results come in, but I’m pretty much convinced that I’m in the pre-stages of cancer. I’m scared to death right now and so much is going through my mind. IDK if I should hold off on TTC until it’s cleared and gone, due to the unlikely (but very much possible) result of cancer….I won’t even mention it. I have one baby I could never bear to leave behind, let alone add more to the mix. Or, IDK if I should TTC now while I can just in case I have to have everything removed and ruin my chance of ever having a baby again. I’m so scared right now. I know I shouldn’t worry until it’s confirmed, but I can’t help it =(



    If I test on the first on Dec it will be 5 days before my period, and the test says 5 days sooner, but I will only be 7-8 dpo..Do you guys think that would be to soon for me to test?



    hi ladies i was just wondering if someone could give me some advice???
    i got my First positive OPK 5 days ago and my cervix is high and soft with creamy discharge (sorry TMI) just wondering if this means anything or if it is just wishful thinking that it does…



    ok back again, i just called first responce to talk to them about the – sign, and they said to wait a few more days and if i am still no cycle and symptoms go to the doc.
    i agree with you who said the 2ww is awful but i am now into my 3rd wk,
    this is nuts.

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