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    Rhondas Third —from what i heard u can still take them…but only if u dont ovulate as much!!!
    anyways today would be ur last day..u can start as late as cd 5 cd 9


    Omg. TMI. But i have to vent. I have got to pee so bad. I’m having hot flashes & nausea.. But i think that is because i am so worked up about peeing. I am waiting for my relief so I can drive across town to pee on this stupid stick! I had hoped to stop and pick up a first response but I serious don’t think I can make it!! I might have to wait until tomorrow.



    really good thing you told me that i wont be checking it again lol



    terriann20- have you done another HPT?



    4th: It could be the follicle where you ovulated from – it remains as a cyst to release progesterone. Sometimes the cyst can be a little bigger and cause some pain. Nothing to worry about unless you get a fever with it or the pain turns severe.


    Silver eyes gd luck with your testing…I m due for my af tommorow…I wish it would just. Come on if its gonna come :/ I’ve already took 3 test over the past 5 days and they were all negative so..I’m thinking its a no go this month..


    Can someone PLEASE help me!! I am breastfeeding and need my period to come back! I take 2400mg of vitex, 1000mg of vit c, lots of iron and 2000mg of b6?! WHAT ELSE can I do!! I am seriously ready to cry, I can’t even try to get pregnant because I have NO period. I’m so frustrated. I have also seen a chiropractor a few times. Nothing is working for me and I don’t want to give up nursing my daughter. She is 13 months old



    congrats to all the BFP’s! I also took a first response yes+ or no- test yesterday and got a YES+!!! so if my calculations are right i am 4 weeks. Wishing the best for everyone!!!



    morning ladies….ughhhh lol very hungover, me and hubby had a movie night (at home of course) and i ended up drink 1.5 bottles of wine hahaha i had fun mind u, but never againnnn!! hehe 🙂 think i O’d yesterday, anyone care to take a look at my chart? last one on my page! how is everyone?


    Holly- I’ve had nausia from 7dpo with both my 2 & 3 yr old. I hope it’s your month, please keep us updated. I’m at 6dpo and nothing…..


    Laura – I had brownish/pinkish spotting that started two days before AF was due and lasted 1 1/2 days and then just completely stopped. I got my BFP the following day, so it sounds like a good sign to me! Good luck!!!



    CD 4 for me. Gonna try wat all you ladies r doing and start BD once AF is gone and do it every second day. I must of ovulate later than wat I thought last month. Oh well not to worry plenty of time yet 🙂



    Hee hee – there are some great polls today 🙂 I just answered like ten of ’em! (Both of yours Arctic! Yes, I am married to Peter Griffin, and I am a cat girl, but dogs are cool too 🙂



    After 1 miscarriage and 18 months of BFN and lots of investigations I finally got a BFP tonight, AF not due for another 6 days but as it is hubby’s birthday in the morning i thought it would be a nice to check and give him an extra present if we had hit the mark this month!!!! So happy!



    Tahlia – when i do let my MIL watch my son its almost the same thing she wont bath him for days one time i left him there for almost a week and he did not have one bath and that to me is disgusting cause i make sure my son has a bath no matter what. i dont let my son go over there too much cause my MIL and i dont get along at all cause one time i left him there for a couple of days and when i went to go pick him up she said to my son ‘ mommy is going to miss you, come to mommy, and mommy loves you ‘ and the whole time she was staring at me. i think she thinks shes his mom or something and that really ticked me off.

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