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    Toomany, I don’t know much about the cream, but I took the pills in my first trimester with my DS after my MC because my OB suspected that I wasn’t making enough on my own and that may have been the reason for my MC. Sorry I couldn’t have been more help.



    That’s awesome Saza! I’m so happy for you!



    AprilExpectations~We have been trying since October, but I am still bf’ing, so I was all over the place. This made our eighth month, and it was shock and disbelief when I saw the positive. DH doesn’t even know yet. He is in New Orleans this week and wont be home until Friday, and I didnt want to tell him over the phone because I wanted to be able to see the look on his face, especially since this will be the last. So, you girlies are the only ones who know. I have been about to bust but dont want to share until at least DH knows, then I might tell a few people close to us.



    alright ready! Let’s hope this is our month! I have met some wonderful ladies when i was preggo with my son, so I’m hoping to do the same this time around 🙂



    Jenn-in-SoCal -Amoxicillin is safe, so is Zithromax. Those are 2 that I was prescribed in early pregnancy before.



    Hope your Soy brings you JOY brown!!



    Congrats to the new BFP’s!



    There is a great yoga stretch to get rid of gas: Get down on hands and knees and stretch out (forward pointing fingers) like a cat, then sit back on your haunches, and repeat…. until…well, you know 😉



    Congrats on the BFP poizioneyevee!! H&H 9 months to you! So just as I was about to make an appointment with my OBGYN for lack of AF and all BFNs..I went to the bathroom lastnight and when I wiped..there was some brownish d/c..I’ve been cramping all day and had a little more of the brown d/ I’m thinkin that AF may be well on her way! Its about time LMP was April 10th! Sad thing is..DH is leaving for 2 wks on Friday..soo I guess I’ll be outta the running until July/Aug. :/



    haaa…i bought some stuff animals and baby shoes already.


    turtle- when do you get to test? I soo think you are gonna get your bfp this month! 🙂
    I hope all you lovely ladies get your BFP!!!!



    aww Diane I hope so!



    Thanks everyone! I am trying to keep myself even keel for the most part just in case this all a horrible coincidence. And4eva — POAS!! Okay – better get my butt back to work!!



    amanda – u r around 12dop right?



    Pink…you should have your honorary nursing license for knowing what you know already!
    Mrs.Smith…i also have worked with VADs & ECMO & such….even my DH was like, what’s a VAD? lol silly ENT! just knows sinuses and throats hahaha! But ECMO is NOT something we like to see with adults…that’s usually last ditch…& the success percentage is VERY low. Our unit handled craniotiomies, heart, lung, liver transplants, CABGs, MVRs, VADs, every sort of bowel resections, whipples (yuck), you name it! I’m grateful for the experience

Viewing 15 posts - 41,461 through 41,475 (of 131,346 total)

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