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    Anyone know what OTC acne meds are SAFE to use?!?!?! My face just started breaking out like crazy ;( I have read bezo ones r OK?! Ugh…. I just wanna know one brand name that I can use! I seriously had 10pimples pop up overnight ;( whyyyyyy?!?!?!?



    OMG my mil answers tahlia when tahlia says ‘mum’ (Talking to me)! And she says what. And im like hey she’s talking to me ur her nan not mum haha stuffs her with junk food at 10pm so she doesn’t sleep. Our mils sound every much alike haha



    AF was due today but short leutal phase so think I’m around 12dpo, tested this morning with a supermarket own brand & got the faintest possible line, so faint you can’t see it in every light. Went out & bought a FRER & there’s a faint but very clear 2nd pink line! Think I’ve got a BFP! Have had a couple of chemical pregnancies in the past so trying not to get too excited just yet, will test again tomorrow or the next day & hope the line gets darker. Haven’t told hubby yet, as he’s at work but couldn’t keep it in so thought I’d share it with you ladies 1st!



    Right hubby wants me to test 29/5 as we have a wedding to go to that day and need to know if I can drink or not so guess I’ll be testing then if neg will wait until 1/6 to test again unless AF shows her ugly face then you’ll be stuck with me for another month. @ MrsL fingers crossed for good news. >>> Has anyone heard from Loopy and Toomany they’ve been really quiet lately, know Loopy was on hols.



    I tested with a digital and got a YES + !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    just leah and seansmom alone! lol ;0)


    m/c was July 5th and i am still here ttc 🙁 we have had tns of problems that range from blocked tubes to to short periods to not ovulating and not enough ewcm 🙁 I starte on 81mg of asprin and 3 cups of green tea this cycle (CD14) and I’m soooooooooo happy to post I got my BFP OPK yesterday!!!! I think this is the longest in my cycles to get one (avg 23 days for 3 years now) so I have very high hopes for this little eggie and am excited that ven if not prego I shouldhave a lnger cycle 26-27 days!!! best wishes to u all and baby dust all around!!!!!



    Leah- if you got a postative test and are now bleeding a bit, i would call your Dr..maybe they can do some blood work or a early ultrasound


    My message sent before i was done..



    Ouch sassy! To rule out pregnancy you can test anytime (being irregular, hard to pinpoint when to test) but you need to know so you can take pain meds, I’d just take the test – or have the blood work to be extra careful.


    I think today was ovulation day, hoping this is it. Had a chemical pregnancy in June and one this last cycle. I think I ovulated super early though so here’s to hoping everything’s ok.


    hoping me~ Congrats!!!



    INKDOLL- I know.
    Hi i’m Bec and I’m a POAS addict.



    good luck princess I hope it works



    kentsmommy : a week after missed AF i couldnt do that if AF didnt show… are you usually late?

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