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    congrats angeluv – that’s so exciting… what a lovely early xmas gift!!





    mari1215 – Thank you!! Week 5 is also dead!! so boring!! I hope you are doing well!!


    HALIFAX…yes I understand now. thanks:) personally I would be to scared to do anything with my torso, just me. I read everything about excercise while pregnant as I tore a muscle down my stomach on my last pregnancy. But to explain everything in detail, what to and not to would have you sitting for an hour trying to type it all. basically do a quicker version of yoga, dont hold poses as long…gottcha! 🙂



    hey ladies i have a questioon well usually when o ovulate i have ovulation pain ..which is a great indication by the way .. well this month i felt the pain early in my cycle .. actually only 10 days in to my cycle and i felt it for three days like normal …then the pain went away but according to my ovualtion chart i shouldn’t ovulate untill between jan 26- 30.. is it possible to ovulate early ???



    blessedbaby2be – Yes, most of the time if you ovulate later, you will get AF later. No matter when I ovulate throughout the month, I always get AF about 14 days after O. Some women have a luteal phase defect, which would mean this wouldn’t apply (and it would also make it hard to get PG, anything less than 10 days generally isn’t long enough to have a viable pregnancy).



    im testing next friday as well…maybe thursday but i think that will be too early…hoping for a BFP!!!!



    OH my god…SLAPPER!!! they are virtual loves of my life!!! i spat my coffee out as i read that….nah…im not choosey, ill get on me back for anyone :0)



    Ok ladies. DH thinks I am going crazy! We have been ttc for a while and I want to know what the deal is. I scheduled an OB appt. for Thursday. What type of questions should I ask her? I want to sound well educated on the matter:)



    Ces- About reading other pregnant friends post I understand you how you feel. As for me I know that there is a feeling what about me? I totally understand you in my friend network there are some pregnant that are so kind and sporting for me there is also one she doesn’t care about any one at all she gets her BFP last week I am so happy for her I meant it coz I think that she deserve it but I tell you she is so selfish even to say “I wish you all BFP. I asked her but she don’t reply at all I want to cancel her but I want to know her journey. I know it is difficult but there some so considerate and want to be supportive and they are some who are so selfish and make every one busy by their blog all the time the don’t reply for your blog at all. So we have to pray to get our BFP and not to be like some of the pregnant women at all. We have to think for those TTCers if we get our BFP and be supportive. And I think it is good to be in the network having the same interest. I do cancel some of them.



    So when I count DPO I count yesterday as day one since its the first day of the positive OPK????



    Oh, and I’m super excited for excited! Tee hee! Lots of BFP’s this week!! ***rattle rattle*** I had to give the BFP Tree another gentle shake … I’ll give it a nice drink of water too and a ‘thanks’ for all the great results this week 😉



    Dezzi, any chance you ovulated later than you thought?



    PLEASE HELP….. ( sry if TMI) I had my D&C and august and now am on my 22nd cycle since then. my last AF was fairly normal but a bit heavier than usual. Normally i have spotting to mild bleeding for about 3 days then regular bleeding for 2-3 days and thats all. this time it has all been very heavy from day 1. its to the point that i am using tampons along with overnight pads (all day), just b/c one or the other alone doesnt seem to provide protection. is this normal for your cycle to change so dramatically after a d&c or should i be concerned? i dont know what to think. any thoughts would be great !!!! ***BABY DUST TO ALL***



    Thanks goingfor3! Wow, it does seem like yesterday you were in here, and now you are 33 weeks!

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