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    Lulu99 I really hope bby sticks xxx



    Clara and Wends, I have the same creamy white CM but really no other symptoms. I am trying to figure out when to test although my ovulation calculation says ‘you may take a test in 8 days’…..I am sooooo tempted to do it at my own time but trying to be patient. PLLLLLLLLEASE let this be our month. I am 5DPO.



    Kiwi- Thanks for the kind words 🙂 Sorry that it hasn’t been an easy road of you either. I pray you get that BFP soon! 🙂 @Madel- Get it girl!!! 🙂 BD BD!! Hope you catch that eggie! @dmmarinewife- LOL, You made me laugh..poor thing, your lady parts only have 2 more! I sure hope all that pays off.



    congrats to you too mfbrown!!!! here is to a full happy long life with our new husbands!!!!! and soon hopefully babies!!!!



    Congrats poofy and kiwi- h&h 9 months to u ladies. I’m 7dpo… Temp still rising… When I did an overlay by now temp would start to fall…



    day 1 🙁 lol was think it will happen straightaway lol, xx


    Im joining the POAS party for the 17th:))



    They left an infant home alone!? How could someone do that? I’m sure they are probably the ones who didn’t have to try it just happened for them.



    Hey Ladies! Maybe you can help me? I work nights, so its kinda hard to get FMU.. but last night I tried holding my pee for about 6 hours and took a test at work and it was BFN. I know im still early but Im trying to figure out when I O’d EWCM started on the 7th and was super goopy (tmi) on the 10th.. so does that mean I probably O’d on the 10th? So Im either 11dpo or 8 dpo. My boobs feel heavy and are sore on and off and I keep getting slight waves of nausea.. but then I dont know if its just in my head! Ugh! I just bought a 3 pack of FR.. so im gonna try to test in the morning since im off from work tonight. FX



    Oh diane I know how you feel, had a very bad night with tahlia last night 🙁 and its nearly 10pm and she’s still awake. Im exhausted.



    If you are trying to conceive you have to give this product a try! It works!!!



    Hey ladies–CD 23 here and wasn’t expecting AF til th 28th at the earliest but suddenly started having bright red spotting today…sorry if tmi, but I continued to wipe several times,and each time there was a little blood. I was feeling really hopeful about this month, as we’d timed everything great,but now am sort of deflated…is this AF early or is it possible that it’s implantation bleeding?? I’m so confused! thanks for any responses.



    I’m 4 weeks and 1 day!!! Yay!! I can’t believe all the bfps! We all deserve them so much. On a different note I took a four hour nap, bbs are killer sore and I have had an aching headache. I am certain implantation took place Friday or Saturday the symptoms are multiplying like crazy! Happy 9 months everyone! I’m praying for a healthy 9 months and healthy bundle of joys for us all.



    ladies i just wanna say there are just as many excellent young mums as there are older mums who are terrible parents, age isnt really a factor.
    Still no positive OPK for me…. damn it!



    ok so it is CD2 for me my AF was on time this month So MAY BE it was all before AF moodswings that made me over the top optimistic and sudden urge to have second baby (right now) WITH EMOTINAL WAR GOING ON IN MY HEAD almost all the factors are against me going for second baby but then the only reason i wanna do it for my DD and it feel that is all worth a reason against everything………….. i have kinda forgotten how to calculate and if i am not wrong it should be 12-13-14-15 day post CD1 and if i am write i may be in london at that time to meet docs for my DD ………. but we must TTC

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