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    AKnewmom I would wait till fmu. if your only 10dpo your urine would be too diluted later in the day to get a positive even if you had a faint bpf with fmu. I wouldn’t stress out and wait and test again in a few more days or if your like me and need to poas at least wait till you have some concentrated fmu for a more reliable reading.
    KMFX for you



    ***ANNOUNCEMENT!!!*** Congrats to one of our fellow TTC’ers: COCOLUV who got Married today! (Well, technically yesterday for her, as she lives in Australia) Let’s hope she gets herself a honeymoon baby!! XOXO Coco!



    Hi ladies! Haven’t been on these pages in ages!!! I need help! We are ttc and have been for several months. I took my first round of Clomid on December 17-21. My progesterone at cd21 labs was 65.4. Since about 10dpo I’ve been having incredibly sore boobs, exhausted, back pain, etc…all things that would make me think maybe I’m pregnant. I’ve been testing with BFN’s. My period should’ve started today and is typically like clockwork. I’ve been having tons of lotiony cervical mucus and my cervix is high, soft, maybe a little open. Any ideas what the hell is going on???



    angeluv28 – If you got a BFP on the HPT and a POS on the OPK thats a deffo YES!!!!

    Im 5 weeks tommorrow and ive took 2 HPT both BFP and 7 OPK’s all POS.

    The Hormone that is picked up by HPT is also picked up when testing with OPK’s too.

    AGAIN CONGRATS !!!!!!!



    Welcome back WhatCouldBe! Looking to have your kids close in age I see! Ohh, that rhymes! : P



    @williamson I know that first appointment always feels forever away! Oh no I don’t even want to think of heartburn!! So far it hasn’t shown up but I had reflux so bad with dd lying down was out of the question! I’m doing really well, week 6-9 was the roughest with all the m/s week 10 was full of migraines and week 11 seems to be weepy week! Baby has been measuring right on track with 172 hb, very eager to find out gender even though my gut says girl. I can’t wait to read your updates 🙂



    Well, ladies i’m leaving work for the weekend. TGIF!!!!! Good luck to you all this weekend if I don’t make it on. i’m going to do some Shopping in Canada’s National Capital. See you all next week!!!



    Yes Mommy2b – very possible to ovulate early, or you had a larger than normal follicle (was tender) and it ruptured on CD 13. Good luck!


    I know O is generally 12 -48 hours right after peak right?



    mommyx2 GOODLUCK!



    Question. Is there any site that tell how to check Cervical postion?



    whitty-Since we were married in June 🙁



    I am on the last date of the first week of 2ww and I have got one week left hope that this is going to be short for me.



    Thanks jenny, I actually just took my OPK again (6 hours from the last time) and there is a very very faint line which hopefully means that I just have a longer cycle this month. I have been to a fertility doctor for a year and didn’t have anything wrong with ovualting and just got my estrogen and progesterone checked in September and it was perfect so this isn’t a normal thing. Im just praying that its darker tomorrow morning.



    rylansmommy23 I had two of those this year (first ever in my life too). They had to put me on hormones to make my period start before I could start our IVF cycle. Hope yours is either a surprise BFP or starts on its own soon!

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