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    I’m off again for a little bit gals – time to eat!!


    Omg I am in tears. I went to take a bath and I felt very woozy. I have had heart burn like crazy. I had Enough signs to take it. I got enough courage but I shaking and scared!! . And I got a faint line. It was not there on sat. . Does a faint light line mean I am? I see it. I showed my husband and he saw it. I started to cry but not sure if that counts as being pregnant. I’m gonna post pic. Please let me know what u all think.



    Hello ladies,
    I need your advice. My AF only lasted 2days (normally it last 4 days) & I’ve been cramping ever since. Right now I’m having period like cramps right now & my lower back is killing me. My boobs are sore too. Idk whats going on. I had sex on a day I was ovulating but we used a condom ( I know that they dont always work thoug). Please let me know what you think. I took some tylenol bc I’m in alot of pain. I’m not on BC.

    goodluck to all those TTC.



    Inkdoll- no we don’t have a return date- there’s some hearsay about an earlier arrival date but as of right now we don’t know. And yes we are excited to try again after 2 miscarriages last year. We are in so cal. You?



    im hoping to test the 6th (the day after af due)..i dont get preggo symtoms, sore bb’s,nausea etc dont hit me til a good few weeks in



    Hmmm… Thanks. Those are the ones I use. Are there others that work better and sooner? Again, this is my first month actually tracking myself while ttc. I agree they’re expensive! If I have to continue next month (fx for bfp this month though), are the other ones cheaper? Where do u get them?



    well mirena is actually an IUC (inter uterine contraceptive), i had a non-hormone IUD (inter uterine device- copper T)- so no hormones to slow me down lol. i dont want to disappoint myself with taking a pregnancy test early and getting a false negative….


    Hello ladies. New member but old friend. I was on this site while ttc my son and during my pregnancy…loved it! Back again after ttc one more for the last year with no luck. I forgot my username & password so just created a new one lol.
    Anyways I just found out I am not ovulating correctly. I have irregular cycles that are usually long, anywhere from 32-45 days. My doctor said that if I ovulate passed cd18 not to try because my body is releasing immature eggs that 1. can not be fertilized or 2. can be fertilized but will likely result in an early miscarriage. (we had two already 6 weeks and 10 weeks…so heartbreaking) so he wants to start me on clomid next cycle. At first I was excited, but then found out my insurance does not cover infertility treatments : ( so now am confused if I want to go ahead with the process. Any input or experiences would be appreciated.
    ~~~~~~~~~baby dust to all~~~~~~~~~~~~



    what if a girl was pregnant but thought she was on her period because she has bleeding and used a tampon but she was actually pregnant



    Lil.pigz Congrats, I am so happy for you. Luvmykiddos so sorry, hopefully next month, Big Hugs xo.
    Well I am 4 DPO and CD20. My fiance returns from work in 2 more days, here is to hoping January for us.



    last pregnancy I had implantation spotting, and got a positive the day after. But it wasn’t as extensive as this…


    Brandyleigh same here. Took my frer and bfn. Guess that means af will be here around wed-thurs. I was fairly sure I was getting a BFP since my bbs have been crazy sore and heavy and been tired with crazy dreams when I sleep. Next month I am just going to bd like crazy and try the not tracking side of things.



    Diane- SOO sorry hun..big hugs your way!!!



    Ink doll I’m cd 4…



    Awsome! Ill go buy a pack today and give that a try. What color is CM?

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