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    Ohh another BFP! I knew it would be a good day 🙂 Congrats mum2mil!



    Bo, im pretty sure the pain is frow the egg being released and once it is there is 24hrs for the egg to be fertilized so id say BDin cannot hurt at this point 🙂



    Last day of provera here, hoping for something good. we bd last night still as a precaution in case i did ovulate this week. which i doubt .. so sad!!! but heres to getting pregnant by V-Day…YES!


    Afternoon ladies – how are we?



    Cute all of those symptoms would lead u 2 believe that ur pg for sure, also the fact that ur mum & gran had the same thing sounds even more promising! I hope its a pod Wen u go in again 🙂 have they done a blood test yet or is that wot ur goin in for?



    Love – when was your last period? Are your cycles regular yet? I’d wait until the 28th to test again – 14 days from the first BD – the two week wait would give your body time enough to start making pregnancy hormone (if you’re pregnant) – did you notice any sticky or egg white CM before the 14th? When you say ‘thick’ CM, do you mean thick creamy or thick stretchy?



    alliegirl i also like the name james as a middle name because its my grandads name whom i never met as he died before i was born, me & dh also like the 1st name of Alfie, so Alfie james is what we’re thinking 🙂 its kinda cute i think!


    How is the bd marathon going cherry?



    mrs.parker- it could possibly be mid-cycle bleeding. When estrogen rises and falls rapidly right before ovulation it can make the uterine lining slough off sort of like a period only much lighter and not lasting more than 72 hours. I thought that is what was happening to me but I continued to spot and have light flow for about 7-8 days so I assume it was AF. Are you temping or using opks?



    7 days to go!



    Well ladies it has been a great night. I ate all of my Nachos (yes both of them :P) And boy am I ready for bed. Nite Nite all!!


    I hope so as its 23rd month in ttc now : (



    I’m supposed to O tomorrow according to the calendar. However, my pink line on the opk is lighter today than yesterday. I have tons of ewcm and am having ovulation pain. I am using cheap internet strips. Should I buy better ones at the store?



    I’ve never gotten two lines either 🙁 Maybe this is our lucky month!


    Terrac let us know… I am going to POAS OPK style today too just to see if it still postive …was positive 1 day before ov negative for 2 days and then 4dpo, 8dpo and 11dpo ….. 13dpo today cd 26 ..feeling really down today …not feeling preggo like i did last month….

Viewing 15 posts - 42,886 through 42,900 (of 131,346 total)

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