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    Lol – well if your hungry i suppose its worth the risk lol – im having cramps again grrrrrrrrrr


    watch out for weirdos on this site who contact you. Look at their profile etc… I had one send me a message this morning..Either its a really young kid or a pervert .



    also my CM is water and clear but yesterday was a little bit cream in colour



    Lovin – Hoover dam LOL!!!!!



    helloooo first – I’m doing great! Thanks – yourself?



    speaking of sex toys, I just found my 19 m/o playing with my glass dildo.



    Great news Cleo!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!



    Sara b – Congrats!!!! That’s a sooooo exciting for you, good luck with your pregnancy 🙂 Hopefully we can all join you soon!


    MAN I feel like I’m going crazy. I feel bloated and heart-burn-y. Should I test? Should I? How many dpo can a test detect? If I test now then I’ll have to test again later in the month. I’ll wait. Talk me out of it!


    Thanks Di… I wanted to ask cause i dont wantt o get ripped off…. also i heard on here there was a nasty product coming from China and didn’t want to get duped.



    Thanks lglenn, yeah I just did a search because we don’t have Target here in NL – Equate is a Walmart brand – generic always is cheaper. I still love my dollar tests but I’d go for a generic if I get a faint BFP before I’d go for a $20 test.



    Ughhhh. Just a little rant. My best friend knew I was TTC..I let her know and ONLY her since I’m sooo early..I am sooo tempted to let the whole world know..LOL..but I don’t want to rub it in…anyways, I feel like she’s jealous that I’m having my third baby..she didn’t even congratulate me and just cut the conversation short..I am wayyy far from a perfect life but I do have a really good life and amazing family and just sucks when people get jealous so easily and it ruins the excitement. 🙁
    Kind of bumming when I really should be full of joy!



    Congrats Cleo! I know all about the feeling of ‘its like finding out your pregnant all over again’ when you hear that you are having two! Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!!



    Brit fingers crossed for you hunnie xxx im feeling slightly sick which I suppose is a good sign god I cant wait to test and my af aint due till the 12th xxx the waiting drives me crazy lol xxx



    brown – I think preggersagain may be right – bummer, but at least you get an early start to the next cycle. You might want to talk to your doctor about your short luteal phase though… not sure if paps can bring on AF…

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