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    ((YAWN)) ….it sure is quiet in here today! lol



    Thats all I could find



    crazymomma2010~ that is scary. hopefully everything is ok.



    Hello ladies, does anyone know where I can buy preseed from in Australia? Any Australian websites you can recommend? TIA



    babydoll, I used to live in Norfolk, and I never saw snow while I was there. lol. But when I lived at Camp Lejeune, we saw snow 1 time and the whole town shut down in a panic!! We gets lots of snow in Indiana!


    Afternoon ladies : ) congrats to all the BFP’s!!! So i am DEFINATLEY pregnant!!! SO releived, been getting faint positives for 4 days, took a cheap test again this morning and the line was darker and just took a clearblue digital test and it says I am pregnant and 1 – 2 weeks past conception, which means i must have been testing super early and still getting BFP’s! so releived! Baby dust to all : )



    dont know why but i have a feeling i might have a baby being grown inside me!! this is the first month off the pill and i cant wait to test to see…..i have been prego 3 times but only 1 child my daughter so this is round # 4 for me i hope everything goes well baby dust to everyone and good luck and have fun with ur babies when they come newly BFP’s!!!!



    Okay sarah! sounds like a plan lol altho u may be up a while before me, i usually get up at 5am my time to get DD a bottle tho so it may work!



    I know how you feel, I think if AF is not here by Dec 25, I will test Christmas morning. I will be on cd 30 by then and hopefully at least 11dpo, maybe even 14dpo???



    Angel and Becky – thank you – I really needed the advice! Hee Hee Becky – wonder if there’s a 12 step program for ladies like us!



    hope ur feeling better mickey….i hate days like that 🙁 try to stay positive..maybe positive thinkin will produce a pos result for u 😉



    Im ovulating today its BDing time all week dont wanna miss a day of the fishes getting the egg lol



    Hi everyone. I have never posted in this forum before but I thought maybe someone could answer my question from here. I stopped taking my birth control a couple of months ago. We are not currently ‘trying’ but we are not preventing. We BD yesterday also the same day of ovulation for me. My husband pulled out though. I’m just wondering how high my chances are of getting pregnant right now from that. I’m aware that pulling out does not guarantee not getting pregnant and that’s fine with us. I was just not sure how many woman actually end up getting pregnant that way.



    happyparents: definitely sounds like you are preg! congrats. I would have to agree with carrie and say that it sounds like implantation bleeding.

    I’m going to try a different brand of tests tomorrow if I still don’t get AF. I just thought I’d try the cheapos first.

    Carrie, I love the name Kiera! If we had a girl, that’s what we were going to name her. I never came up with any nicknames but kiki is so cute! I love it! This time around if we have a girl, I don’t think Kiera is going to be a definite.



    thanks mommy2

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