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    Supposedly FF says I’m 29CD 7 DPO


    I just want to go back to bed.


    I’m refreshing like crazy, I’m so addicted to BFP’s! P.S. Diane, we’re so glad you are still here even after getting your BFP! You can’t leave!



    Ugh how annoying Emma! As for ur discharge I have no idea, have u tried googling it to see if it means anything, maybe if ur still pg its related to that….I feel for y having to wait till Mon for ur hcg results, its gonna b a long weekend :/



    mamacas-it was spit up. I took a HPT and it was BFN.



    hey girls!!! im ttc i have a 2 1/2 year old beautiful girl im on cd 13 hoping it works and sticks right away i have already had a m/c before my daghter so im already worried but im sure it will be ok. my dh has wanted another baby for awhile but i said to wait until we get married which is this saturday!!!! so we have been trying ever since so i cant wait till mid dec to test i already bought 3 prego tests so i cant wait to try them out!!!!



    kristy – i might be having a little implantation bleeding myself, not sure. yesturday and today i have been spotting very very very little, but it’s there. i dont remember this happening with DD so? if i even ovulated, i am about 7 DPO. i guess only time will tell



    Thanks wee!



    lol that would be funny



    bmhemama4~ i had the copper iud removed nov. 11th. my last real AF was oct 18th. a couple days after the iud was removed i thought AF had come by to visit but within 2 days it was gone. so now im left wondering if that was AF or just the after effects of having the iud removed. today i’ve just been so down and out and thats usually a sign that AF is coming which i hope it is because at least then i’d know where to go from here TTC wise. i also wanted to say congrats to katiea!!! i hope the rest of us can join you real soon 🙂


    With my last two pregnancies the dollar brands worked better for me then then expensive ones. I kept getting negatives with the other brands but got my BFP’s at 12dpo with dollar brands! I am on CD10 and going to try really hard not to test until 14dpo. The Baby Dancing starts tonight!!



    It sure will be a gr8 gift I want a BFP fo xmas too lol Baby Dust Every1



    Well I’m a nerd and took a HPT on DPO 5!! I KNOW it won’t pick up anything yet, as it hasnt even implanted but dangit i just wanted to test! I hid the test so hubby wouldnt know I wasted one!



    i hope it works for u crazyf 🙂 thanx, im jst sick of bein stressed all the time, its wearin me out! lol



    Ugh, I am feeling signs of AF and after 6 mos. of TTC, I am getting very discouraged. Anyone tried FertilityBlend or Vitex? Any success? Anything I should be concerned about?

Viewing 15 posts - 43,456 through 43,470 (of 131,346 total)

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