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    thanx girls, dont worry we bd today as well 😉 lol


    CONGRATS STARBURST!!!!!! Im so happy for you!!!!


    mommy …I would wait 3 more days and then test. If you have extra tests I would do it earlier but don’t get discouraged if it’s bfn because it may be too early



    better go meet mil for our walk…cya later


    Thanks ladies but does it make a difference to really make sure that its positive to take the picture of the test as a negative? just curious because i c alot of ladies do that 🙂



    ok tasha, sounds good!?!? let me know what happens with the OPK, theres only 2 things that could be going on with ur chart so if its not that then, you just didnt have a clear thermal shift on ur chart and sometimes FF is sketchy and not able to pick it up



    …I hope you ladies all had a wonderful Christmas!
    I haven’t read any of the comments looking forward to see how many of you got your BFP’s!!!
    I am just shaking as I’m typing this..and I seriously have like 10 different symptoms of early pregnancy..the test just confirmed it! 😛



    lol, I could not resist, I just added a poll question about the Intelligender test – I’ll let you know what kind of results are coming in 😉 You know me… I’m an inquiring mind, and I’ve got to know!! Is there anything I won’t research?? I need help!



    rylan- look for a planned parenthood clinic. not sure if they will make you pay out of pocket or not. i know most urine test are free. but you can find out call before you go to meake sure they do it. good luck


    Those are all great names and spellings! Philamena (sorry i spelled it wrong) is very different and I too like traditional names too. Effie is nice too! We have some residents at my work with names like Claudine, Susan, Hazel, Connie, lots of Marys and Maries and the guys are Robert or Donald and we have a lot of Roberts!



    gl damnkat



    sarah, you didn’t go for bloodwork until you were 3 weeks late? how come so long?


    LOL my clinic jsut left me a message saying ‘congratsyour pregnant’…………………….the hospital in Miami here already called me directly first, too funny



    Tiffyy- thank you so much for that- I love watermelon too! Grrr, well I’m not even prego yet so may get as much in now as I can! Having the BF parents over to my parents house tonight- they have all met before but because my mum is a very busy woman I am doing the cooking for her! BF is obviously coming too I’m not just cooking and then leaving while they eat!lol wish me luck! 🙂



    Eve–YAY! 🙂 The rest of you ladies, all I can say is AMEN! We want 4, and agree that it’s nobody’s business how many you have so long as you are the one caring for them! I come from a large family (oldest of 6) and loved it. Crazy, I have a similar gap, had my first at 18 and my second at 28…

Viewing 15 posts - 43,471 through 43,485 (of 131,346 total)

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