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    artic, i think it’s similar to af, but dull not as severe. it’s mostly on the sides instead of in the belly.



    CD4 – for me, cant wait to start poas soon. decided to try to chart it and BBT. Hopefully I don’t screw it up. LOL



    hello ladies! I m new at this & nervous


    mummy to jude – Thankyou, hope AF leaves soon so you can start BD and get yourself a BFP too!! FX for you… xxx



    I’d say SarahC – push for it if they don’t offer – you need to be tracking this bean after all you’ve been through! …. lol, I just realized that SarahC and SarahD got BFP’s days apart from each other, tee hee!!! LOOK OUT SARAH’E’ – READY OR NOT YOU’RE ABOUT TO BE PREGGO!!!



    Just did an IC and BFN. I will just have to wait and try and catch the next BFP train! Hurry up AF so I can start ttc again!



    uh oh, wishing I didn’t read the posts about maternity clothes (opening e-bay in another window…) 😀


    I stopped nursing my son, about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and still haven’t had a period. Which I never got one this whole time. I took a test last week, it looked negative, but if you moved the test in a light you could see where the positive line was suppose to be, it was not a faint line but a shadow of a line. Later that afternoon it was positive. I know most say disregard after a certain amount of time though. But I have never had any ever do that. Usually when I slow down nursing I start a period, but not this time. Wondering what you ladies think???



    Oh yeah. This morning I had my highest temp yet!! I hope that’s a good sign.



    and4eva~I am the same way. I have to hold out to test b/c I am totally gutted when I see a BFN, so I understand, but then on the other hand, it is usually when we have no symptoms that it ends up being the month for the BFP!!! So, with that being said, I support you either way and I am SHAKING SHAKING SHAKING that baby dust tree for you girlie!!! Anxiously awaiting to punch your ticket to climb aboard the BFP train!!! WOO HOO!!! BTW…where did Amber go?



    somebody call intervention…. i P.O.ANOTHER.S. and i did cuz it said accu-clear was 50 mIu and so i bought an answer early result. and it was a BFN. it says on the side of the box 93% of women get a bfp 2 &1 day before their expected af. so im guessing ive got what a 7% chance of being pregnant…. doesnt sound to promising. i have checked my cp like everytime ive gone the rr today and now its hardening more than this morning, which could be something that always happnes (i dont usually check so much) or af knockin on the door…. so i dunno.. cherrybom hope one of us gets thier bfp!



    Turtle- yeah that is awesome experience!! That’s the only bad thing about working in one specialty area like cards, its all I know, so I don’t get all the experience in other areas like I’d like! I work on the step down unit so I don’t actually deal with ecmo but I do deal with all the VADS and Berlin Hearts and stuff! So all the surgeries i have are cards stuff unless I float lol!



    ashes – the only reason it hasn’t been used is because it”s a digital clear blue and I know it won’t work until I miss my period. the odds it would work 4 days before is 7 %. Now if I had a early test, it would be gone by now.



    Mrs. Smith u could get a positive if pregnant .. But everyone and every pregnancy is different with my last pregnancy I got a BFP at 9 DPO.. only problem was it felt like forever before we could tell anyone our good news lol



    I was sad last night since i was cramping and emotional. I’m wondering when AF will show up. I’m ready to start a new month 🙂 I thought I would be bummed this morning but I’m ready for a new month of torture and hope.

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