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    Hi ladies. I’m new to this forum, but not to this site. I began using it about 2 years ago when we found out about our first child, Eleanor. She’s 15 months today, and we have been trying only the past month to get pregnant. We did the ‘deed’ 4 days in a row on the days that I should be ovulating. My period has been very inconsistent, so it’s hard to tell if that was the right timing or not. That was the first week of the month, so only 10 days ago. Too early to get my hopes up? Going to take a pg test next Thursday, or my period should come that day. Best wishes to you all!



    Thank you so so much everyone. From the bottom of my heart! I called my hubby at work first, then you ladies were the next to know! I will announce it to my family when I’m exactly 10 weeks. Just to be on the safe side. Which is perfect because that’s Thanksgiving! I’m ordering my DD a special shirt to wear for that day. It says, I’m gonna be a big sister! I am not going to say a word, I’ll just wait until someone reads it! And grrrr lilpigz! That’s happened to me, about to take a test & whoooao, AF is there. Baby dust to you and everyone else on here. So this is what I did this cycle: CD 1-8 I did not take my prenatals, wanted to shock my body with stopping cold turkey, then took them everyday from cd9- now. During the week I Od, hubby and I BD every other day. It was also in the morning. Early, like 5am early. That’s it. I took my prenatals and danced every other day. It took 4 cycles of trying, but it finally happened. I’m smiling from ear to ear! Thank you again ladies!!



    dont get excited, you will get me excited! and then i might be disappointed! hoping for the best, preparing for the worst! i dont know if they will check blood. im going to tell them what im feeling, tell them im a few WEEKS late(so MAYBE they will be more concerned about checking!) and tell them the positive and negative tests im getting. they will probably make me do another pee test and maybe a blood test, but its not what i want. im going to tell them i want the test to check levels to confirm if there is anything over 5. then i will know if i am for SURE or NOT!



    Ladies I hate sex!! I don’t enjoy it at all. DH gets me to orgasm but not with Sex lol. I wish I could get myself to enjoy it. What’s weird is in the day I’ll build myself up and be so eager to do it but when its happening I’m like urgh!!



    yey to all the BFP! rylans-hope every thing goes well for u tomorrow, fingers crossed! and well done Grayson! my little man is 13 months friday and is far to scared to let go of the furniture! On another note im sick of these cramps now, i know i am NOT pregnant i just wish AF would hurry up and show already so we can start our 2nd month of TTC i am soooo impatient and i cant take much more of all this waiting!



    alohamom3 : 7 days to testing :)))



    digitals is the test that actually spells out pregnant or not pregnant right?



    Luvmykiddos I would say you are 1dpo 😉 come on swimmers go have fun with the beach ball 😉



    Scratch that. Started bleeding a ton and cramping.



    NixSA – CONGRATS!!! :))) i’m so happy for you! :)))



    The ‘free’ FF does not record BD when you share your chart. If I added the pic to my profile you’d see we ‘did the deed’ every other day from CD 15 – 24 😉



    Sher: symptoms sound promising. Hope you get a bfp when you test again



    well i just jumped on the site for a quick sec and seen my name!!! LOL HI SOUTH 🙂 i miss you ladies sooo much!!! i have 122 msgs on my profile, i will try to get in touch with everyone asap 🙂



    Thanks dmmarine, fingers crossed for you too xx



    ha ha yes i wasn’t about to miss out this month!! good thing i trusted my body on this one. because according to mymonthlycycles, i wasnt supposed to o until the 16th of this month, which is cd21. but i knew starting like sunday/monday that something was different, mainly because of my ewcm. my opks i ordered online still havent arrived, so last night i went and bought some at target. took it, and low and behold close to positive! so glad i caught it, hopefully in time!

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