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    inkdoll – Hmm, after reading your post, I would say you have the recipe and makings for a girl in the works,lol. According to shettles method, you’d want to BD atleast 2 days from O day and it’s fine to be on top. For boys you would want as close to O day as possible and closest deposit to cervix as possible, i.e: ‘doggy style’,lol….luvmykiddos- Im convinced most DR’s are sadistic, and they enjoy taking their time and witholding results:)



    Lol doesn’t help! Even with finals coming up, Im still here with you a good portion of the day 🙂



    I’ve been trying since last January. I did get pregnant in June and lost it in July, but a year none the less…



    As soon as hCG is in your system, your body can react to it – so super low levels can cause a response in your body that is ‘out of character’ for you. Lots of women ‘know’ they are pregnant very soon after they are because there is a brand new hormone swirling about in their systems that was not there a day ago. It’s also really common for the early pregnancy symptoms to go away as you adjust to the hCG. This causes lots of women to panic! Suddenly as the hCG levels get up into the hundreds of thousands, and your progesterone is through the roof, and the baby’s placenta starts to grow – you find yourself full of pregnancy symptoms again, and ‘praying to the toilet gods’ – happily 🙂



    Going back to the doctor issue….. Would you girls choose a doctor that is close to you, for convenience (who is actually not that bad, although he is a bit disinterested but still kind, but his methods are very old fashioned, and with my last baby i actually was in agony during the ceaser and had terrible pain afterwards), or choose a doctor half an hour away (who is sarcastic and mean, but more up to date in new treatments, and with my first ceaser I had no pain at all during ceaser, and didn’t even need pain meds after), or try another doctor which I haven’t used before also 30 mins away (who I have no idea what he is like, but you need to book an appointment 2 months in advance)….. These are the only options i have. Which would you choose?



    Baby786…know where your coming from regarding BFN’s…this is my 25th month TTC – We have to see BFP sooooooon!



    Mrs bugs, well done to your little one. That is very clever. I only started potty training my boys when they were 2 1/2 and they took a couple of days to not wet themselves constantly, and I still have to remind my second boy to go or else he has an accident. Been 4 months since the nappies came off. My oldest only was potty trained at night when he was 4 and my youngest still is on nappies at night and he is 2 3/4.



    hey lisa, are you testing again tomorrow? rachy-if i understand you correctly, then yes thats where the faint line is! ha ha. but i did take another one just now(9 hrs later, i have no self control!) and the line came up much quicker im just waiting for it to dry and take a pic, hope it looks better!



    Congrats juliannaz!! I too hope this one sticks around for the whole 9 months! Mrsbugs- if af is due today, why can’t you test today?? With most tests u can test before your period is even due. We too won’t be ttc until summer (…according to our plans! ) but we don’t use protection, and I’ve been off BC since November….so far the pull out method hasn’t failed us. My cycle have been a lil off tho!!…it has me a lil worried. It’s been 28 days, 30, days, and this cycle the longest 32 days!! I hope this isn’t a sign of future problems!



    hello everyone I had a question about temping, it’s my first cycle doing so, so I’m confused…I started temping the 4th day of cycle and my temp is 96.6 until CD7, it shot up to 97.3. I’m definitely not Oing..but is it because I got up in teh middle of the night to pee that those other days the temp was so low? I heard the avg is 97.0…



    Jamie – I’m crossing my fingers for you!



    Yeah i know Diane, When i found out yesterday I was so scared and cryed my eyes out. But once I started ready and researching and asking the ladies here I calmed down. I read that one of every 5 people have it and dont even know it. Thats crazy. i guess im one of the lucky ones that have it and know that i have it which makes it suck even more lol.



    Well I haven’t tested today… Am going to wait til tomorrow with fmu. Then I’ll be 27 days post d&c. Jamie have you had a cycle since your mc? How long did it take for yours to come? I know it can be 4-6 weeks. Honestly I’m not hopeful. I don’t have many symptoms. Just weird food cravings acne and nausea in the early morning. For literally 2 minutes.



    Happy New Year Ladies!!! This is the year we get our BFPs!! And those with BFPs hold their beautiful babies!!! A big fat congrats to babyfinley!!!!! Way to get the ball rolling for the New Year!!


    So I had what I thought could have been implantation cramping last Wednesday morning as I mentioned on here that day. What I have read is that most people get a bfp 3 days after. I am still getting negative 🙁 Trying not to give up hope 🙁

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