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    why is it the last couple of months wen its ovulating time of the month i feel nauses and crap. how can i make babies wen i feel like crap and dont want to bd… grr iam soo getin fed up with it…


    meagan…when it’s ewcm this is when you’re most fertile, when it goes back lotiony is after ovulation.


    So bummed! I was started on clomid for lpd and didn’t O until cd21 so I called to get a progesterone level done. Dr doesn’t think I will fall preg this time since I O’d so late and is already planning to increase my clomid for next cycle. Now I’m waiting for af so we can try again..Midwest-glad to see you got a +opk. Lots of Baby Dust and Sticky Dust to everyone!



    Welcome back Rosey, though it sounds like you have bounced back into ttc to bounce back out into 3-4 weeks preg!!! My cycle is close to yours. Can’t answer your ? from experience, but from everything that i have read, pregs progress normally with implantation bleeding. Some women have even continued to get their visits from AF for several months and had problem-free pregs. (though that is unusually cruel lol) Best wishes…and please test soon as we are anxious to celebrate with you!!



    hello ladies…sooo 13 DPO here and saw a faint line yesterday..waiting till tomorrow to test again… i just dont want to wait..but am trying to be patient!! Amanda~ read ur blog..gave me hope and frustration!! lol best of luck to you!!



    Good Luck Sparky!!!



    Hey Lisa- Again, I know that it is so difficult and I am so sorry for your loss. I went through it about 9-years ago, when I was 16-weeks prego….You will know when your body is ready and I will tell you that regardless of whether you are trying or not- your body will only let it happen when IT is ready…. I just had surgery on my cervix to remove cervical cancer on December 3…Wasn’t even concerned with getting pregnant- was told that I wouldn’t be able to!- but did and had a M/C on January 25, 2010. It happened b/c my body wasn’t strong enough to sustain a pregnancy. Went to the Dr. and she confirmed M/C and told me to wait a cycle or two and she was SHOCKED that I even fell pregnant! Well, it has happened this month! We were trying hard NOT to get prego!! So, in short- YOU will know in mind, body & spirit regardless of what a physician says!


    Trying…if you’re still mailing out twin dust, I missed the boat yesterday and would really appreciate some. 🙂



    Shannon1125 I Oed on the 14th so 9dpo …..what do ya think?



    luv – Do you keep falling over to the right? LOL My right is about a half a cup bigger than my left. It’s annoying because I can’t find a bra that fits both sides right.



    Sorry Mrs Miller, I think I am in the same boat as you 🙁



    yoga wow there crazy people putting there body’s in strange positions lol



    I don’t think this is going to be my month. I just feel not pregnant this month. Lol



    RainbowRach – Hi how are you doing. I have seen your posting I hope and trust that this is your month. Yes now is our turn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Whitty Thank u so much. I will try to just have 1 cup of coffee in the morning and no caffeine the rest of the day and see what happens. been trying to conceive my 2nd for a year this month. My daughter took a year to conceive and I thought this time it would be quicker.

    good luck to you!

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