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    ya tell me about it.. its been sore for 1 week now and im sure its all from the pills and im have dripps as well… lol it feels nasty. but gotta do what we need to do..



    cherry- Ya its probably just an evap line, I’m only supposed to test on monday,I just took it for fun!



    aquarius – have you been to your doc or a fertility specialist? that would be my first step.



    happy birthday kathy!!!



    kimkayb, I am on clomid and menopur from CD4 to CD9, and I ovulate CD19. I think each person is different and responds differently, so only scans and blood work would tell you when you going to ovulate. Good luck.



    oooooooooooo i feel some little cramps on my lower right side please let this be O time!!



    Last month we started ttc and it didn’t happen and I was so disappointed cause I thought for sure it would. 🙁 This month we REALLY REALLY tried and I fear that if I’m not pg I’m going to be EXTREMELY disappointed even though I told myself not to get my hopes up this time either just in case. I am only 6 DPO and I am already losing sleep over thinking about it! 🙁 I am so mad at myself for putting so much thought into it that I’m losing sleep over it!



    Congratulations Nich!!!!


    Eve yay for the positvie opk!!! BD BD BD!



    Cleo – I see why they suggest the 7 days late before testing… by then if you are pregnant, you’ll have lots of HCG, and be past the point of chemical pregnancy.



    im sorry lady godwin…:( well at least she eventually showed her face, so now u can concentrate on this month…..babydust xx



    Brels… Have you tested though?



    poor mavy! nursing a hangover! lol Its funny the older I get the harder it is to recover! The last 2 times I had more than a few I had some wicked depression the next day! Lucky for me I have an awesome sister and she came over and made me grilled 4-cheese sandwiches! On another note- I talked to my cousin today (she is young/immature, and pregnant for the first time) and was talking about TTC. She told me I should stop thinking about it and it will happen when I least expect it. I know its mean…but I want to smack her! What does she know? And even if we aren’t successful right away it will give me an idea whats up. I am sure there are millions of women that actually TRY to conceive and do. Just had to vent.



    Hi Ladies! Congrats to you that have gotten BFP!!! YYAAAYYY! I do have a question for those who use OPK’s….this is my first month using a opk and today is the third day in a row that I have had the test line way darker then the control line. How many days can it be like that?



    Does anyone have any ideas, I am CD 11, usually I o on day 16, my temp is always exact same, drops right before I o then goes up and stays up….today my temp dropped and I was feeling like o is coming tomorrow so I took an opk test (never tested before) and only saw a faint line. Does this mean I am not o?

Viewing 15 posts - 43,876 through 43,890 (of 131,346 total)

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