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    babyhope, as long as you’re not going above 200mg of caffeine per day, most research says that it won’t make any difference to fertility. I drink a cup of coffee inthe morning, but I do make sure to drink more water through the day to not get dehydrated.



    Rubes, you can start tracking your morning temperature before you get out of bed (BBT) and/or follow your cervical mucous and cervix position. is very graphic, but explains what you are going to experience if you track cervical position and mucous. can help teach you how to BBT. The trick with this stuff is to see it as a learning process, you will not understand it all right away – takes a full cycle to figure out your ‘soft’ cervix from your ‘firm’ cervix, etc. If it does get to be too much, subtract 18 days from your average cycle length, and start BDing that day, and every other day for 10 days straight – that pretty much should capture your fertile window. For anyone with really irregular cycles, subtract 18 days from your shortest cycle length, and BD to 10 days before your longest cycle ended. (ie: if you have had a 30 day and a 50 day cycle, start BDing on CD 12, and stop on CD 40) yes, that is a lot of BDing, but the biggest mistake women make when TTC with an irregular cycle is they stop BDing way too soon. I am on CD 44 and it LOOKED like I ovulated on CD 25, but now it looks like CD 40 was my true O day – it was a marathon month for BDing! I think hubby and I set a record!!



    wow, for anyone not TTC, they won’t know WTH we’re talking about, heh heh!!! Our secret language! 😉



    youngmum- ~Im sorry about AF. I hope you feel better soon!!


    Hang in there, affinity!!



    @ rylans – am cd 14 – think am Oing right now, or will be in the next day or 2 🙂






    thanx emma, thats poss wots happening to me aswell, loads of pains either side, thought they were O pains, but maybe jst the build up……lol



    I also keep my pregnancy tests secret from dh unless they are positive he gets all down about the negatives too


    Hi ladies. I have a question. Ok so let’s say if we BD today and my AF is expected in 2 days will I get AF or wat?? It’s because I am expecting AF around 30 and we BD yesterday and today… Fingers crossed If ur waiting on BFP and baby dust ************



    Phew! Thx diane..wasnt sure about it haha anything diff makes me weary :S



    20th of June for me……Man would I love that!


    Good Morning everyone! Still no AF for me… not overdue yet but these last few days suck just waiting!



    here is an update for everyone who was waiting for one. I got a very clear BFN this morning. I am ok with it because it means that I am able to start taking my medicine that I have been waiting to take. I have not been feeling good since August the 9th, lot’s of tummy pain and nausea and when I was finally diagnosed with an inflamed stomach and an ulcer due to a bacterial infection a week and a bit ago, I was given 4 different drugs to take over a course of 2 weeks to try and beat this thing…problem is, you CAN’T take it if you are pregnant, so no matter what, I was taking a pregnancy test yesterday. I didn’t believe that I was pregnant and was floored when I saw a faint line, I actually thought for a second…’Great, now I get to deal with my tummy for another 9 months’…so, I am actually a bit relieved. AF is due today or tomorrow, so I’ll be TTC in 2 weeks…YAY! Thanks everyone for your support and wishes of congrats…but we will save that for next month maybe…:)


    That makes a lot more sense i didnt have a clue how to tell

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