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    Hey ladies! I have not used the bathroom since 6am and it is now 130pm here lol starting to need to go now so im goin to go and test! Mummy, heres hopin that AF stays away so u can get a BFP!


    Ugh!! Sorry if TMI. 13 DPO. AF isn’t due until Tues, but I just wiped and got reddish-brown spotting!! I checked my cervix and it’s medium and still tightly closed. I REALLY don’t understand what’s going on here!


    was it the same brand test you used today?



    yah I’m going to the dr because of the weird af but also because I have been having problems with my hands and right arm. can’t sleep at night because of it. also right leg and right side of back. it’s all weird. also I found a lump in my neck in the front middle just under my chin I’m not sure if it’s normal.



    That would be so nice to get BFPs as a group!


    Hey ladies!! I am not feeling well today!! My stomach is hurting and i just feel blah!!! I hope it doesn’t interfere with my BD’ing! But on a good note sorry TMI lol! but last night it felt like hubby and i reconnected in the bed like it was about us and not just having a baby. It was nice!!



    I hope it’s baby cramps Sarah!


    Thanks ladies for all the support~!~♥♥♥



    does anyone know anything on geritol? babydust to all ttc!



    ok ladies so after my dr visit yest and the doc basically making me feel like this month is a bust… I had a little piece of paper somehow get out of my youngests memory box, into my moms hands (who doesnt know we are ttc) that has my first 3 progesterone levels (my youngest is the only one of my children not concieved with clomid) and the levels were, 11.2, 10.2, thats when they put me on prometrium, and then it went up to 12.1 and i had a healthy happy pregnancy with him, so i think my levels yesterday of 13.7 are great! and im not counting myself out for this month!



    Yeh I’m doing okay today thanks. Bit better since the doc put my mind at rest about my crazy period! But I am feeling slightly disillusioned about this ttc carry on! I notice you had another BFN this month too. Bummer!



    tip: chocolate body paint = fun BD!



    Cleo, You need to update your page where it says pregnant.



    oh man i am so obsessed! i keep chart stalking in ff to see if anyone’s charts are similar to mine and have ended in a bfp. it’s hard to find cycles that are over 70 days!!! if i get my bfp i will be in the 80’s for cycle days. how crazy is that?



    jakes, i’m in Australia, so it’s monday too, and i’m due the 2nd!!!

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