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    see Me3 … never give up 5 mins before the miracle happens!!! have you told DH yet??



    hay everyone i found out why i m/c i sufferd a chemical pregnancy at 5 and a half weeks im so upset but we have decided to start try ingasap as my doctor said my chances are slim of having another one


    shake shake shake!!!



    Im in shock! Lol soo happy for u cleo! Havnt gone back to read most the comments but did the docs explain the bleeding?


    nurse..why don’t you think your Oing..? Good luck!!!!!!



    I found this a little while back, and had it added to my page CPalmer: Mid cycle spotting is considered to occur during ovulation period and is a normal phenomenon, it is in fact considered as a potential fertility indication. As mid cycle spotting occurs right during the ovulation period it helps in calculating the peak period of fertility. Ovulatory spotting as mid cycle spotting is called helps in determining the exact ovulation period in a woman and in turn helps planning pregnancy.


    Hey ladies! I’ve missed you lol. I’ve got 10 days till testing and I’ve been cramping and having more ewcm and then really strange cm I hope these are good signs. I have a doc apt in the am for the pain I had last af I’m hoping he does tests. 😉 how have you gals been?



    No problem cherry! Anything for my fellow TTCers lol …i google all day tryin to find stuff to help me concieve a boy and i found out that it helps with fertility and i just happened to have some from when i was prego wit DD



    congrates to brit and janinem on their bfp’s hope you have wonderful pregnancies ladies 🙂



    Oops thought u were someone else haha does anyone know if i can dye my hair at 6dpo?



    mine mildly nauseous the past two days, i can’t wait until tomorrow and friday. I will test both days. Good luck to everyone. And I love the paranormal stories, lived in a creepy old home when I was younger in VA but don’t like thinking about it.



    Oh, and I had hot fries too.



    ryders i wouldnt worry about having no symptoms, sometimes you dont start getting symptoms until like 6 or even 8 weeks pg & by that time you would already know….jst cos you’ve got no symptoms doesnt at all mean that your not pg…iv got my fingers crossed for you, goodluck hun!



    Hiya Ladies I hope your all well!! Gosh I think this whole TTC thing has hit me like a brick wall. I was so relaxed before and now I am like I want to be pregnant NOW now now!! LOL Oh well the good nature couldnt last forever I suppose…..I have a good feeling about this month though! For the first time I really want to try and pin point the day on which I ovulate, so lots of swiping and checking LOL yuck (sorry TMI)


    ryders…I’m just trying to BD every other day so I can hopefully catch 0.

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