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    rylansmommy23 ~ YAY, glad that you got an u/s date!! I hope the times flies by for you my dear!!!


    If it looked that way she probably eczema… Food doesnt cause those type things in infants.



    loopy- I feel like that too, I dread the day when I can’t have any more kids. But I am older than you. I had my first at 28, 2nd at 29 and ttc #3 at 31, so age may play a part in my bid for more kids, especially if it is going to take a while like with my first!



    Yup Arctic – I must say I feel relieved that at least I am close to getting back into baby makin’ territory!



    hey cd22 took hpt with fmu and got a BFN



    My first two children when we decided to start trying we just let things happen. This time around I want to chart everything and really focus on getting pregnant. ANY ADVISE or TIPS? 🙂 THANK LADIES!



    Hi everyone , it is 4 days after I took my last Clomid tablet and I am getting ewcm ,. took a opk this morning lines not same colour yet but not far off, we BDed last night and will again tonight, gosh I hope this is our month, bought preseed so will try that too!



    Hi all, – I’m not having the best day today. I think that I’m definitely on day 3 of AF. I don’t think implantation bleeding would have been this consistent or this long. That means I had a 21 day cycle. 🙁 That sucks. I am usually very regular, but I guess I need time to even out. This is only my second cycle since I gave birth to my daughter. She is breastfed, and I didn’t get AF back for a visit until she was 9 months old.



    we bd mon and last night and hopefully tonight!! hmmmm he is already snoring on the couch might prove a bit challenging



    Cpalmer. Good luck girl. I’ve got 2 more weeks till I get mine checked



    mommy2aidan- my DH doesn’t want a Dec baby either. But I O’d on CD 10 so I may have just got away with it. DH didn’t even have a clue why we were BD’ing everyday, sometimes 4 times a day lol!


    Well ladies i am out of here going to see my mom and see if she needs anything i am sure she is more upset then i am. Thank all u ladies ssoooo much for listening and ur kind words. I jsut wish i could find friends like all u where i live!!!!???



    thanks lkdream


    *also* a residents family member said I was glowing and when asked if pg I told her I dont know and she said you are. Ive been moody too. Crying one minute and snappy the next. Remember my ‘poor me’ post?? I balled the whole time I wrote it and today when thinking of this being dd’s last game and her coaches I started balling in the car on the way home. LOL..Im also ‘hot’ all the time and have sit in front of the fan. Some backache but not like af, some headaches and a stuffy nose when I get out of bed that magically clears up on its own..Im extremely ‘veiny’ on legs, chest and arms. Skin is shiny but doesnt feel very oily (read that it its the ‘glow’). What didnt happen: no spotting on cd 25-27, no major back pain, no af blemishes ( I had these last month when cycle was late right before I started) I know when I was pg with the dd it was ‘hot’ down under-and-in if you catch my meaning..asked the dh but he wont tell me that lol..but thats a good sign to if you can the dh to tell ya…*wink wink*



    I am 10dpo and got a very faint positive on First Response test. What does everyone think? Can you get false positive on these tests? Please help!!!

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