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    lilboy, this is from
    O takes place on average, about 2 weeks before your period, though it can vary from 10-16 days before the onset of menstruation depending on the length of your luteal phase. During an average 28 day cycle, O is usually expected to take place between CD 13-15. Based on this guideline, many women are taught to expect O around day 14. Many women however, do not have average cycles and even those who usually do may see irregularities from time to time



    MyAngelTwins a giant congrats to you, too!!!!!!! Wow what a day!!!



    Thank you sunflower I hope u do too! I love this site I used it for my other two and it was awesome!



    So, i have kept my cool for almost the whole month. now im a lil over half way through my two week torture, and im starting to loose it. i have the pregnancy tests from and this morning i was tilting it trying to make a line appear with my eyes LOL. i want to be able to wait till sunday/monday which would be 13-14 of my two week wait & even if i was able to wait that long i think i would be really sad if i still got a BFN


    7dpo tomorrow 🙂 getting closer!! Wishing I wasn’t in work, but still following all your comments x



    welcome Kjudy



    Congrats to all the BFP!!!!!! turn on ur fans and point them this way and blow that baby dust so the rest of us get BFP and can join you!


    Lmao Diane thats soooo funny – Ok i will book the whole day off work and insist on having more bloodwork to check my levels.


    Hey ladies, and congrats to the BFP’s! I personally am going nuts. Today Im 12dpo and stil BFN but my eyes are playing HORRIBLE tricks on me. I keep swearing that I see this faint line and that tomorrow it will be darker on the next test, its been like this for 3 days now 🙁 poas… bfn… poas….bfn. Its such a bummer and kinda sets the tone for the day if you know what I mean. I know Im still not completely out yet but the closer I get to the dreaded AF due date the more bummed I get. With my last pregnancy I got a very positive at only 10dpo, I just keep telling myself that every pregnancy is diffrent. As long as my temps stay up Im still in.



    nich, that’s awesome 😉 Nothing wrong with planning ahead – it helps us to stay positive about TTC sometimes!



    Gosh I really hope you ladies are right…otherwise DH is going to take it personally…he’s a type A personality & severe overachiever. He’ll feel castrated I’m sure if it’s a bfn. Ya know, until I started charting I never noticed a cm pattern before either



    im gunna b so mad if im not pg this month…i really want a march baby…



    okay deal! (but remember OPKs are like 30-40mlU) so not as sensitive as the average drugstore hpt which are 25mlU…..GL!!! FX!!!!



    Hello Diane….How are you?



    K I gotta take a nap, worked 7-7 last night I’m exhausted! Ill be back on later!!! Lots of baby dust to all!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 44,026 through 44,040 (of 131,346 total)

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