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    Hope your all well. I feel empty today humph, I just don’t know anymore 🙁 x



    two2love- also forgot to mention that you have to have them while you are eating something not before you eat something otherwise you’ll feel sick (i learned the hard way lol)



    lilpa – Best of luck to you!!!



    Hi everyone. I was 9 weeks pregnant on tuesday, but went in for a checkup and no heartbeat – baby had stopped growing at 7.5 weeks. We were devastated as had needed reproductive assistance (Clomid for this pregnancy) etc and were so happy. Had a D&C yesterday so now we are back on the TTC forum with you all. Has anyone else had a D&C and when do you start trying again? Thanks



    Hey Ladies, I see a couple familiar names 🙁 but a lot of new ones! I got my BFP it July and MC August 22 🙁 so back to TTC. I was hanging out for a little bit in TTC-after loss but I am ready to join in here again! CD 9 and will O sometime next week. Not sure if I will be back to my normal cycle, only had 1 AF since MC so I’ll be BD every couple days. Already going to set my test date October 22 🙂 Good Luck ladies



    i agree diane, i love my doc, too bad shes on vacay…wont be seeing her for 3+ weeks, hopefully illbe knocked up by then ha!


    may and babedci- my DD turnt 2 in july and shes asking for a baby brother haha. weve been ttc for 8 months with monitoring to then find out i dont ovulate and nor do i have AFs so im just waiting to see a gyno (im hoping by the end of this month i will have an appointment with him). it just really got to me today and i just feel all deflated 🙁 i keep hope and tell myself it will happen, so in the meantime ill just plod along lol.



    Someone being mean to you Trying? Who is it, I’ll smack ’em good!



    Mama bri – Hope everything works out for you!! CD17 for me 1dpo (I think)…OPK’s all neg again today…last pos was FMU on CD15 with the digi. and before that I also got a smiley face on the digi on CD10 with FMU…Did the BD on CD10 & 11 & Did BD Sat CD15 & Sun CD16…hoping I caught the egg!! 🙂 SHould I BD today as well just to be safe or am I good? I have felt twinging all weekend so I do believe I did O. But my Target Cheapie have yet to pick up the surge and have yet to be pos…hmmm babedci & lilpigz …looks like we are on the same schedule! YAY testing buddies!!!



    Not TTC related… but my friend from HS just messaged me and told me that my ex bf is going to be in town sunday and wants to hang out with ‘the group’ (there was a group of 5 of us who hung out and he hung out with us) it would be weird to see him! Especially now that I’m married… because his last name is actually the same as my new one… lol. DH wouldn’t give a crap but it just makes me laugh a little that I ended up with the same last name :0P I am sure we’d get teased. Ok I’m done being silly lol



    praying congrats!!! and Damnkat – I know!!! Once I had it I was amazed how many other people I know that had one or even both procedures done!!! Crazy and scary!!! I havent been to the gyno since my 6 week post pregnancy check up (my daughter is 2.5) I REALLY need to go!! :/



    Thanks!! I know, I think I have symptoms, then I tell myself I’m just making them up…so who knows, it could go either way. But thinking positive never hurts!



    I thought the message board was messed up just for me. Glad I’m not alone on that one 🙂


    Ladies I have a question. I bought some test strips from early and I took a test this morning. When I line look down on it only one line. But if I hold it up to the light I can see where the sec line is suppose to be. Am I suppose to see that?


    Well just bought 20 opks to start out with 🙂

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