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    lol gill!!! Sadly for me, my OH is at work until 11pm so I’ll probably be asleep by the time he gets home. Baby dust!!!!!!!!



    Trayshay; come on over to join the discussions with us ladies in the forum: advanced age and pregnancy. I am 45 and ttc. There are some ladies already pregnant in their 40s and several of us are trying.



    Still surging cd 19 now :0) DH and I BD yesterday before i had to run to work and another healthy transaction later after I got out of work lol. So far so good! lol. Now if it goes according to plan tomorrow should be actual O day. :0)



    Luv I agree with lilpigz- just like they’re making you wait I’m having to wait til tues for results from my ct.



    🙁 drat… i’m going to have to come up with a new plan. heheheh right bed time…. morning will get here before i know it if i can sleep. have a nice night all. 🙂



    All of you ladies symptoms sound YAAYY for all of you!!! but now i’m worried i’m going to be left here all alone :/ ugh…oh well, my fingers are still crossed for you all!! its about time you all get out of the TTC forum and into the weeklies!!



    I got my AF early… I’m so disappointed. I had that feeling that I might be but I guess all the symptoms were in my head…



    Spirits lifted a bit tonight… My friend who had a baby just before Christmas dropped by and I got all sorts of baby snuggles and lovins! It made my heart a bit happier. Can’t wait to hold my own little bundle hopefully sooner rather than later!



    It’s an Evan thing! Haha.



    Haven’t been on in a few days…I’ve been soo busy! Sorry to 2 ladies that have just lost ur babies!!! I too hope you both find some comfort. I most of us on here have had at least 1 m/c, so maybe you could find some comfort with us as well. I had my fort m/c in August 2013…def an experience I will never forget!! DH and I will be trying this summer (spring if I get my way) but ive been kinda worried lately. Af this cycle took 31 days to come (usually 28,29, maybe 30 but hardly ever!) and it only lasted 4 days ( it’s usually 6-7) do any of you think I have anything to worry about?? Could it be a sign for something bad??? As soon as June comes I wanna be ready, know when I O, and BD like it’s going out of style…so I’m hoping to call DH ‘the one hit wonder’ and get preg the first time around….but this has me a lil worried…



    cycle day 8 for me WOO HOO!!! days are just not going by fast enough! lol


    anyone here have experience with implantation cramps? What did they feel like to you? Had some sharp zaps a little while ago in my lower abdomen..sorta felt like they zapped down to my lady parts. Wouldnt say they hurt….but kinda made me jump. would describe like a needle prick. first noticed it on the left side….but then I thought I felt it on the right? agh!! I am just not cut out for this waiting and being patient thing. Crossing fingers for you vggarcia how exciting!!



    Hey Everyone, Congrats to all the BFPs, Lets keep them comming!! Baby dust to everyone 🙂

    So i have a question–My Ovulation strips have been positive for about three days now, the strongest all day yesterday…So how do I knwo when i should start my 2WW?



    Jamie – that’s what I thought, but my bbt is normal!! soo confusing! I hate the guessing game.. what do you ladies think about DTD in the shower???…prob not the best way to get preg, huh??



    Congrats on your BFP Mommacita!!!!!
    Congrats Justine on your good news visit!!!
    That does suck 2010.

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