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    Congrat everyone on their BFP. Diane or anyone could you help me figuring out what this means?: it may be TMI… DH have been BD’ing for about every or every other day this month. i’m suppose to OV about this weekend (past) and last night when we BD’d it kinda hurt like it was tender down there. what does that mean??? I’ve never had that….well that i noticed.



    I am 9dpo today…the past two days I have had heartburn and nausea. But I am not going to test until 18dpo this is such a long wait. The 28th cant come soon enough!!Congrats kiwi and alaina on your bfps!



    I am starting to lurk here. I have been on this site off and on for the past seven years. I should be in week 13 on Monday but I had a loss two weeks ago. This is my second loss so I feel like an old pro now. I am advanced age and hoping to conceive again soon. It usually takes three months for my hormones to stabilize and my body to be fertile (at least while breastfeeding)Waiting on my first af. I am still breastfeeding my two year old.



    Bye tmg – Almoah, you have 9 kids!!!! Wow, thats some time you have spent pg!! Did you plan on having such a big family?



    It sounds like it Heathert!!! I hope so!!



    No the time of your Lunel phase from the day you ‘O’ to the day AF comes is for me 12 days

    You may be different!!! every women is different but even when my cycles were longer or shorter i still had the same 12 days.



    So, I am on CD 6 and period ended. I am charting temps and cm for the first time EVER and now aware of my cm. I stopped bleeding as of last night but now today I have slight discharge. I feel kinda wet and when I wipe I have some cm. I thought I am supposed to be dry at this stage of the cycle….is that an alarming signal?



    Lucky – David is not average in this pic



    Pepper, I use a regular digital thermometor and it works just fine! Its hard to know what to ask your dr if you dont really know anything about your own body. Have you tried charting your temps or taking OPKs? doing so can help give you an idea of hwo your cycles are, do you have a luteal phase defect that could be causing your infertility? Have you ever been pregnant? As Zoe said, it can take a very long time for you to get answers. A couple is actually not considered ‘infertile’ until they have been trying to conceive for over one year unsuccessfully. Though I wouldnt lie to your dr as it can cause them to test for or check for things they wouldnt normally test for, which will only waste more time. You can ask your dr if they can do some hormonal testing, CD3,10 and 21 testing… progesterone, testosterone, prolactin, FSH, LH, TSH and such. Your dr might not want to do these because like I said less than a year isnt considered abnormal. Also inform your dr if your cycles are long (more than 30days) and if you have bad cramps when you get Af as these my be signs of PCOS. Also tell your dr all vitamins you are taking because those can effect some tests… so thats at least a start for you… If your hormones come back normal you can ask for testing of clotting disorders and autoimune diseases.


    Having O twinges on the right side!!! Also backache and drastic decrease in CM. Maybe this is our month! 🙂



    ryder- good luck, i feel like i have been waiting for ever for this week to get here,



    christinesc – Most people will tell you that you can’t feel symptoms that early, but when I was PG the first time, we had a party at my house and I couldn’t have been more than 5 days DPO and I noticed that drinking beer made me feel ill, so I tried a mixed drink and that made me feel ill too. Also everything just sounded so loud. I had to go outside because I felt like everyone was yelling in my ear. And after that throughout my PG, I could hear a mouse sneeze from 100 yards away, my hearing was so sensitive. And I don’t think it was a product of my imagination either, because I was not TTC or expecting to be PG at the time.



    Dezzi, when will you be testing again?



    we are averaging one a day! pretty good going. I agree, we need more!


    AF due tomorrow. BFN this am. Weird combo of symptoms. Sore breasts, back pain, crampy–af is coming. Sore breasts, crampy, lots of nausea–preggo. AAAAAHHHH!!! The craziness of it all!! I have 1 or 2 hpt’s left. If I haven’t started in the morning, I’ll probably test again. Veddy, veddy frustrating.

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