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    OOOOH I love my man! He is So Sweet! Called me from the Field Op that they are doing just to see how I was! My Soldier is THE BEST!!!



    Crazy- thanks, ill hold off testing then, dont want a wrong result! Im so keen this time round to find out asap, not sure why tho, i wasnt with prev preg,(not till i was 99% sure)! it took me 4yrs to concieve 1st time round but only 2months 2nd time round!!! I just have a feeling its going to take a while this time!! Maybe its just that i want it so much??



    Just dropping in to say hello, ladies!



    Diane, you asked for it… My advice to you ladies-take control of your health care! By all means follow thier orders but be sure you are proactive with your care. I have known that something was wrong with my reproductive system since I started getting my period. And after it took us over a year TTC we were still told, ‘keep trying, you are young’ After 4 miscarriages I was finally told that I have Insulin Resistant PCOS. I was put on metformin and I am now 12 weeks with a live baby! This is the most pregnant I have been with a live baby and I know that it is only because of being on Metformin! So ladies, follow your gut, talk to your dr, and above all enjoy your husband and have fun trying!


    we have been trying for the past 4 mts and nothing happened, we never had to try this hard before. I ovulate the 20 or the 21so ive got a busy wk ahead of i just dont understand why its taking so long


    I just checked my prenatals out and they are called Spring Valley and they come in a green bottle.


    CONGRATS to Sparky and all the other bfps and good luck to those who are still ttc including myself.



    alliegirl- TEST!!!!!!


    I was an officer in the AF and did 3 years in Financial Managemet and 3 years as an Aircraft Maitenance Officer. Now I’ve been hired on as a Kitchen Designer and so far I love it. I just miss Alyssa soooo much. I was a SAHM for 16 of the 20 months of her life. She’s had a hard time adjusting too. The older kids are used to me working so that is not as much of an issue. I just miss being at home when they come home from school. The only I’ve accomplished of my childhood goals is becoming a mommy. I still can’t figure out anything else I want to do when I grow up. LOL



    babymoloney – did you take a HPT? sometimes it does take several months after stopping the pill to regulate hormonally, but in the mean time, you can ovulate any time! I would take a test, and if negative and no period in the next two weeks, see your doctor. Good luck hun!



    phoenix, i agree that a full blown shower for a second baby is slightly overboard. you should already have most of the big stuff already, i mean $600 for a stroller! are you kidding me?!? in what land does this lady live? does money grow on trees? I like the idea of a ‘restocking’ party.



    AF is set to arrive on Wed. I have little hope, but not sure why. If we get a BFN again, this will be month 4 of trying. It stinks that it happened the first time with my DD and now it’s taking more time. I know the avg. is 6-8 months, but c’mon…I’m going mad! It’s so frustrating when you want something so bad and you have no control over the outcome. Please BFP…come my way! Baby dust to all!



    thanks ladies, since clomid is alot like soy i looked that up and they say its fine to drink while taking clomid but it may harshen the effects lol ugh i had bad symptoms from the soy last nite but i will take my chances!



    Good Morning Ladies! Brie…..That is true, but it can still fluctuate. I think sometimes when we chart and your body maybe tries to ovulate it kindof re-sets the chart, but thats just my opinion



    mrssmith – I am so sorry that you lost your little one. it does take a while for your body to readjust afterwards. I lost my Jonathan in early august and my cycle still fluctuates by a few days. though everyone is different it is frustrating when you are trying to figure things out and your af doesn’t cooperate. on the other hand some women do spot when they are pregnant at the beginning of Af so you may want to wait a few days and take another test! good luck! I hope its a BFP!

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