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    Wyatts Mom – I googled that last month when I was 11days late. I noticed more discharge than normal the day before AF finally did show her ugly face. Generally it is understood that discharge can increase but I wouldnt take it as a pg signe. It could mean a lot of things. For me it meant AF was just round the corner. Maybe someone else can help you more with thta. I do hope that You get your BFP soon and get put out of this misery, because I felt like screaming when I was 11days late last month and all 12 HPT came back with a BFN!!! Best of luck 😉



    Hi guys, well I ended up being 2 weeks late when AF arrived so no BFP….so am hoping that we might be lucky next month. Happy new year x



    Waiting, I think you are on medroxyprogesterone acetate – whicch is indeed the drug contained in Provera. I would absolutely ask your dr. to switch you to prometrium if the medroxyprogesterone acetate is giving you such amplified symptoms. The end result of both meds is an eventual period once you stop taking them.



    Good Morning from Canada ladies. I know the negative comments from family hurt, but it really is not any of their business. I have to say my family is very supportive, it is my friends and other aquaintances that I get the most negative comments from. It’s mostly because my husband and I already have 3 children ranging in age from 20 to 15 and now Logan who is 5 months. Now we are trying for number 2 together and they always make comments like, but you were almost home free, why would you want to do it all over again. You just have to stay positive, the TTC time can be stressful enough on a relationship without adding all of the toxic comments from people. Sticky baby dust to all the ladies.!!!!



    Ladies, I need some help. Today I received a + OPK test. I am happy that I am fertile, but this is the third month of pain during ovulation…not concerned about pain, as I’ve heard lots of women have it. But I am concerned this time b/c I am having pain in my rectal area. I throw lots out of proportion in my life, so this maybe another one of those times, but I can’t help but think that something might be wrong. What the heck could it be? The pain is really sharp .



    Does anyone know whether a butterflies feeling in your tummy is a good sign or whether its just nerves?


    Yes and got a BFN so upset 🙁


    ~*BABY DUST*~



    Thanks Diane.



    DD does do the nursery at church every once in a while but it isn’t long before she is fussing at them, and there is usually like, one other baby in there and that’s it 🙁



    tall girl I had to douche for other reasons with baking soda and water… and when i looked it up i read that baking soda douche makes a good enviroment for male sperm and if youre wanting a girl you should douche with vinegar & water within the hr of bding….. Male sperm do not like vinegar but female ones dont mind it…. Now nothing is 100% of course….and no doggy style bding they say thats better for male sperm LOL… anyway google those ideas and see what you get, like i said im sure nothing is for sure but doesnt hurt to try haha



    Cherry…..doesnt hurt to do it anyways just in case!


    Hey everybody! My name is Christina and I am new to the site and fairly new to trying to concieve! :O) I am also already frustrated! I went off the pill in February but was on antibiotics so used contraceptives till was done antibiotics in March. I didn’t have AF until THE END OF APRIL!! Now here I am over 40 days since and have not had a visit from AF since!! I have taken two EPT, one at the gyn office the other at home both BFN. Today I woke up sort of thinking I might be ovulating or about too d/t CM changes. Used an OPK and nothing. Ugh. I was going to be casual about TTC, but now that my body is acting wacky.. I can’t take the laid back approach! I would love to chat with anybody thats in a similar situation or different! :O)



    Trying Again…..When I put them in there the coverline lines disappear as if I hadnt O’d yet.



    Hello Ladies,

    I got my AF today. I am so upset. I guess I have to keep trying. 🙁

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