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    Thanks TryingAgain.



    Hi ladies, I O’d on Monday and have been getting pains in my abdomen ever since. Any clues?



    Congrats RylansMommy wish u a safe pregnancy



    I’m so impatient.. I drive myself crazy with charting and watching for any sign that ovulation is going to happen. I’m on CD 14.. I should ovulate around CD 19 I think (based on past cycle).. I know the 2WW will be a killer too.



    p.s. I just went from lilboy4jenn to Jenn-in-SoCal



    Well..I have two boys….oldest is 2 1/2…the other is only 4 month in July 8……I was on mirena….but it ended up getting misplaced…so I tried the pill…but it made me so moody so I stopped….anyways…yesterday I started having cramps…which when I checked several diff ovulation calendars it says they ll said I ovulated yesterday…..well I woke up this morning and my right side and middle is crampy and sore……I do not remember feeling this with either of my boys…I was just wondering if it could possibly be implantation?? We are not trying to hve a baby…but I guess if it happens it hppens…..also I woke up very nauseaus this morning…but I went back to bed and I felt great when I woke up again…..I just wonder if when u ovulate normally you get crampy….or if only really happens if your getting implantation….any advise would be great…cause ice never felt this way…its not so much cramping..but my insides are very sore…when I push to right ovary side hurts..and aches…????



    kathy – I’ve O’d on CD 21 every month so far! At least I’m consistent. LOL!



    Officially in the 2ww period, nothing more I can do now so fingers crossed this is the month for us!! If not, we reach 1yr of TTC. Baby Dust to you all xxx



    Adriene- good for you!



    Supermama – When we BDed for 2 days in a row I would bleed… I bled more than you mentioned. I had spotting with it. It was while I was supposedly ovulating. I waited until the last day of possible fertility and bought an OPK (I didn’t know about them before). It was neg but I think I tested to late. I am going to start testing on Thursday and again on Saturday. I should wait until Sat but I just can’t wait! I will keep you posted. It may just be ovulation spotting, which can happen.



    me and DH only BDed when i got my pos. ovulation test so i might have ovulated later on and didnt BD
    coz i started spotting again at cd 10 and 11



    Thanks girl! Its 5 30 am…been up since four gettin my hubby off to work! Can’t wait till my two year old wakes up so we can go to the store!!!!!!!



    imma test. if BFN. Wait it out.


    Okay Everybody i added a piuc of my ovulation test it can never tell on those things but if you have taking them for awhile maybe you can help to let me know if its time BD. looks like it but dont want to get my hopes up… please let me know thanks


    boyoboy- yeah I am going to test wednesday and I used my 2 morning urine cause I wake up at like 5 am to pee then around 9 930 is when I have been testing with the OPK… I am so glad that I am not home or I know I would have tested already lol

Viewing 15 posts - 44,356 through 44,370 (of 131,346 total)

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