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    Brandi–it is possible to be still pregnant after having that many negatives…with my son i took a pregnancy test every other day from my first day of missing my period and didnt get a positive until i was 10 weeks along with him…



    here is my story………if your interested. I have a 9yr old and had been trying since he was 1. I decided to give up but my son begged us to try one last time and this time………. the clomid worked.(if u can believe) So now we are trying again with the clomid. After all those years and everyhting we tried to finally get another baby……….my hopes are HIGH that baby number 3 is just weeks away from a positive test. Goodluck all.



    amber-there is a site called that gives averages of hcg levels. 13dpo average is 62 according to that site.



    and i really dont know the country that much i go out with hubby usually but i might go to the mall they open at 10 am



    erica* omg on the teeth i soo hate the dentist, i couldn’t imagine, major bummer! Hi, sammii and mommyxs3 ! Still have my fingers crossed for you loopy and katie! refinnejlee i am so sorry to about the mc..



    Hey Ibrels, bd’ing at the ‘right time’ is awful. I hate it. I try to put it to the back on my mind, and try to forget my dates, but my brain won’t let me. There’s always a wee voice inside my head reminding me that ovulation is approaching. Grrr. I’m sure my husband senses this. He always seems to be done in when it’s the right time. I trust him that he does want this baby, but performing on time is difficult for everyone.



    xxjaznexx, I had the same problem mine was due on the 4th but nothing execept BFN but when I tested this morning there it was a faint positive. But positive is positive…I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you!



    hehe I love numbers too 🙂 In this economy I was thinking about going back and finishing my bachelors.



    BRANDI – wow! That just seems so mean. Why would they not just come streight in the first place and tell u exactly rather than you having to find out on your own. I hope they will be able to clear it up real soon and please keep us posted coz I am sure all of us want to know the outcome of this now. 😉 best of luck!!!



    Nuke Congratulations!



    claireD– i feel mine right around ov time. And worse before AF.



    AHHHHHHHHHH! I started bleeding (happened last pregnancy), I’m not totally freaked out yet just really concerned. I called my OB/GYN to see if I could go to the health campus to have my hCG level checked today, they won’t give me a referral but scheduled a 4pm appointment for me tomorrow…their making me wait 24 hours ERRR! Why does this always happen to me! I’m not cramping but still super worried, PLEASE God PLEASE don’t let me be miscarrying!


    Sherry~~ Thanks!! The wait is going to seem like forever but for now I am just happy to see the detection of ovulation on my chart!



    Used OPK this month and BD 4 times all round Ov…but I still know AF is knocking at the door…boooo! heh! x



    Now my breast feel very heavy and I’m peeing a lot. No cramps at all but this is a sure sign AF is coming soon. I still don’t know what happened to the spotting a few days before but I’m almost positive she’s on her way.

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