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    morning ladies……I have a quick question. Af is due mon and I don’t have any symptom of her coming. I took a test on tuesday nite and I got a faint line. I don’t feel preggo. The only thing that has me think that is that my back is killing me. What do u ladies think?



    Pro Care are the ones they sell at Dollarama – they are 25 mIU – and have always been accurate for me – better than my ClearBlue Easy



    dear nancy-you have been on the site for 3 months, no comments, no interaction. you IMO are the rude one for assuming people are going to cater to your whims. gl in life.


    Hmmmm shall we be test buddies lol thou it would only make me 11dpo


    cd24 – 11dpo Poas with FRER and a big fat negative!! 🙁 …. starting to feel very sad ….. Wasn’t able to give DH a BFP for his Birthday today …Af is due 10/15 (FRI) today is the earliest FRER would have picked it up… had another postive opk this morning… soo confused …. not sure why opk’s are positive on 4dpo, 8dpo and 11dpo and all hpts are BFN’s …. opk was positve on day before ov and then negative for 2 days after ov and now positive since 4dpo??? Trying to hold onto this as a good sign but getting so undetermined …. has anyone had experience with opks postive for days after ov and have it turn out to be BFP????
    Hope everyone enjoyed their Turkeys!!!



    I would given the first day of my last LMP I would be on cycle day 41 AF should have been due on CD 38 so I am late by 3 days. I can only assume that if I am preg that I ovulated later than usual as my cycles are not like clockwork so its possible.



    dh teases me he’s trading me in for a new model. he thinks it’s hilarious but it kinda hurts my feelings



    I’m officially late now. AF was due for me yesterday. I tested on Tuesday, but BFN. I guess I’ll re-test in the morning.



    karenajoy – could be implantation? i would wait a few days if you don’t get any more heavy red flow like a real af i would test!!



    Ohh, by tomorrow evening, we’ll have hit 25 000 messages on this forum… we are indeed active on this site!



    Hey ladies, I am having a frustrating day with my 2 yr old! He just woke from a nap so I hope he got up on the right side of the bed this time!! I will try to catch up on posts soon!!



    well im 10 dpo and i got a bfn and have been cramping so i bet its not gonna happen for me this month. well i think im gonna go get a bbt and try charting that way next cycle…



    13.7 is great! It is a confirmed ovulation and your prior experience shows you are able to have a successful pregnancy with ‘lower’ numbers =)



    thank you very much for the advise 😀



    Well back to CD1 for me 🙁 and onto TTC month 9. So fed up today now. 🙁

Viewing 15 posts - 44,431 through 44,445 (of 131,346 total)

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