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    OMG C what series are you watching – series 2 finished a few months back and i love effie she has attitude !



    Iains: To me it sounds like a very good chance that it has worked for you. I am of the understanding that the discharge is a common thing when preg. As I have had it for almost 3 weeks now. I spoke with my cousin and she had it her whole preg. I have not got a BFP in any test I have done hpt or blood. My bff sister in law has PCOS as I also do and she never got a pos test. It wasn’t until she was 6 months when she found out only because she still had symptoms. I have a few friends that also have PCOS and never got pos tests but only knew by ultra sounds. GL and keep us posted. Oh yeah WB, and happy new year.


    Why do doctors receptionists think they are Doctors – well 1st you have to take the receptionists word for it then since they know everything lmao



    crazy…as hard as it is…hold off for a few more days at least!


    Good Luck Amy!


    Now I feel like I’m getting pms..I’m so short tempered. I think I may test friday even thoug it’s early because a couple glasses of wine is def in order!



    Lains- that is pretty standard in Oz. If you want an early u/s you need to play dumb and tell them you can’t remember the date of lmp, then they will order an u/s to date it. You could try go to another Dr if you want a scan hehe!!!



    loopy it funny you asked that cause mine are but its not unbearable. just a little annoying. i figure its cause AF is due in a few days.


    Hello everyone. i was wondering if anyone was really emotional when they became PG or did it come after wards? idk if i am or not but im really emotional today and im never like this.


    CD 27 here. Trying to decide if I should test today. I really don’t have a ton of symptoms so I’m hesitant. Weird at CD20 I felt PG but not CD27..What do you guys think should I wait a day or two more to see if AF comes or just test?



    amanda – How sad that what was a pleasant balmy night under the bfp tree roasting marshmallows has now turned into us abducting and restraining the bfp fairy whilst we turn her precious dust into a personal lubricant?! LOL



    shez 05 – if AF was due yesterday I’d poas tomorrow morning! Then go every other day until you get a BFP or AF comes. I didn’t get a BFP with my last until a week after i missed AF. Lots of baby dust to you!


    (Amanda) those ebay test are so much cheaper. And I love them! I found out I was pregnant with my dd with the dollar store test. they are really good. opk and hpt can get so expensive.



    supermama- cramping is a good sign during your O phase. Keep BD’ing just to be sure you catch the egg!



    Thanks Diane…much appreciated. Here’s a *shake & a sprinkle* for you.

Viewing 15 posts - 44,506 through 44,520 (of 131,346 total)

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