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    hey C!!!! I am not sure hun sorry



    Brie, you can have a fallback temperature after ovulation, or you can have a delayed ovulation after a positive OPK. (Some women don’t ovulate until 2-3 days after the first +OPK). If you have not BDed in a couple of days, you might want to have one more go for good luck 😉 But in all probability, you have ovulated, and your temps should rise and even out over the next coupld of days. BBT can be a bit tricky, and takes getting used to – one temp does not matter much, it is the overall pattern that tells what is going on. Good luck!



    Thanks Obscurette. Hubby just went out to buy another test and before he got back AF has arrived in full swing. Not going to be this month. Its so disappointing I really though I was. Its heartbreaking each time AF comes. Not because Im not pregnant but because it reminds me that Im not pregnant anymore. Im sure it will get easier but its just so hard. Thanks for your reply and good luck to you x



    lains~~ Im on CD 4,My Cycle was 29 days but this last one was 32 so i have no idea where my body is going right now, right now i feel really horrible my allergies are acting up bad. Glad to hear your feeling great i hope this your month.



    Question: Have any of you ladies used HPT strips from ( ), and how well do they work? At $0.92 or less depending on the quantity the price can’t be beat, plus free shipping on orders over $14.95, I’m seriously thinking about ordering a few tests and pre-seed (I’ve checked three Wal-Marts and neither of them have pre-conceive) if pregnancy doesn’t occur this month. LOL, I’m REALLY hoping for an October baby girl and the way my cycle falls I have two chances this year ;0)…believe it or not I’m an easy going person and usually not very picky. I’ll be thrilled with whatever God blesses us with, but I can at least do everything in my power to have a boy and girl with both October birthdays (my husband and I both have February birthdays) and our four legged daughter with fur, lab/boxer mix, has an October birthday



    Good Mroning Ladies….Has anyone had experience with the manuva (sp?) ring? I’m very nervous to use it after hearing that some people that have used it cant have anymore kids because something went wrong with it.



    Ugh, CD 34, 14 DPO here. HPT was BFN yesterday so I don’t know what’s going on. My cycle last month was only 31 days.


    we have a name picked out for a boy and pretty set on a girl! and thank you!!!


    lbrels…I think the butterflies are nerves or gas bubbles LOL. But your other symptoms seem real promising to me.



    Sorry Dawn, but you know it’s not over till you get AF…. i hope she doesn’t show 😉



    ** twirls into the room sound of music style takes a breath and sings** I got BFN … So I’m not pregnant (aAaAAaaaa) I will test again in a couple days (AAaAaAA) I know that it’s early and it might not show yet….. And I’m only day 7 in my luteal phase! ..**clears throat, curtsies and move stage left**



    Please someone help me!! My comment is below…I am going nuts here. Only female in this household lol



    Anyway, back on track….GOOD LUCK to all you testin’ mama’s. Hang in there to those in the 2ww. Baby dust to you and sticky baby dust to the other’s who need it! Keep on a-tryin’ to those who’s AF’s made her unwelcome appearance and I am sending ‘regular’ thoughts to those with irregular cycles~such as myself 😉



    Well i was testing wiht Equate (walmart) brand and all three had a faint line. So i bought a first response the one that is 6 days before your missed period…..BFN!!!!! Maybe the eqaute is just a piece of crap!!! UGH im so bummed now!



    Hi Ladies! I am new to the site…i have an 8 month old baby boy and I have been trying for number two for 2 months now. Last month AF came right on time. MY cycles are always regular. I think i should have ovulated on the 2nd of jan. baby danced on the 31st, 1st, 2nd, and ummm my question is i have had this brownish discharge since the middle of yesterday. i tested last night and negative….but still only light brown discharge and it seems to be going away….any thoughts? Could there still be a chance i am pregnant? confused here….could i have tested to early? I am on cd26….AF isn’t due until this friday….

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