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    christina – it’s possible you haven’t ovulated yet, or your body is in the process of regulating itself after coming off the pill, or af is on her way. give it some time. when i got pg after coming off the pill i didn’t ovulate until day around cd 50. each month was different for me. cycles were sometimes 30 days and up to more than 50 days. but i never had a regular af before going on the pill. just keep bding because you never know what will happen!! baby dust and good luck 🙂



    I’m kinda weird about my plates & raw meat too so I know what you mean about sanitizing. I did that with the baby’s bottles & now cups. After a few hand washes, I put them in the dishwasher and feel a little better.


    Me and my fiance have been ttc since october of 2009 we have been unsucessful as of late but last december i had a very painful AF which was brownish in color my mother thought it might have been a M/C, weird thing is every since then my cycle has been coming regularly but only lasting 4-5 days. this is very odd because since i was 15 my AF has always been up and down the calendar and alway 5 days no more no less. i had been experiencing nausea, fatigue, frequent urination, night sweat, constipation (sorry if TMI), acne, bloating, and gas. This month there have been thumping feelings in my abdomin area, which i though was indigestion or gas but its happening at least 4 times a day which has never happened before. I had ruled out pregnancy because I have been having AF regularly and getting BFN. I have a doctors appointment wed but would love some opinions.



    cleo – My cycles vary from 31 to 60 days, so no, I never line up with ovulation calendars. I use OPKs.



    I have just bought 50 OPK from amazon for really cheap! bargain! much better than the supermarket prices! Cant wait to use them to see if I am ovulating because naturally AF doesnt come very often.



    Rylans mommy- oh my god! Congrats.



    lil.pigs – i have had the same thing today. For the last 2 days we had unprotected sex and today i had a LOT of cramping with blood tinged cm and I can tell I am ovulating because of cm and I am on day 18 of my cycle. Maybe implantation but its not easy to say. Good luck!



    thanks love! this was DD’s first activity…so memorable…we had aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents there…at that itty bitty dance ‘recital’ …oh, & i just ate a whole foods brownie…also…your DH doesn’t want to be kept in suspense all day hehe…go ahead & test then…BFNs are just too disappointing so that’s why i wait till the morning…& i never tell DH unless he’s asked if i’ve tested.



    very cute pic toveandbrody!!



    When you O is it any temperature rise in a set of 3 or does it have to be a big temp rise in sets of 3?


    Member…no! lol lying would be if you were pregnant now and didnt tell them. no one should know u are trying but u and your husband. and doctor..its no ones business. and there is no job out there that rightfully could tell you not to get pregnant. if it happens a nanny job would be a good one to keep while pregnant anyway, im sure the kids would love watching you grow and your baby might even be welcome should you contine working there..that would be so nice to bring your baby to work so to speak. treat them as though they are your family and they may do the same..good luck:)



    Hi Ladies,

    I don’t know what I would do without my online buddies, you guys.



    I test every day starting at 9dpo but using the Internet strips. They’re so cheap, I don’t feel bad about it an it gives me something to look forward to even if they are negative lol. When you’re paying 24 cents a strip it’s more bearable. I could take 8 in one cycle and it still wouldn’t be a fraction of ONE test at the store. I’m not gonna let TTC drain money like that lol. I have 1 digital test for when I see a pink line for sure, but that’s it.


    It’s been a quiet two days here! Where is Diane, lol!



    ahahahhahah @ Di-Smiley…..well I am trying to hold off a couple weeks before rushing off to the Doctor, just making sure things are all settled nicely in the womb department. Am taking my prenatal vits and being as healthy as possible..:)

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