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    I’m CD 16 supposed to O on Wednesday. Hopefully my body will cooperate with that, LOL.



    babedci – checking cervical position just takes some getting used to and in all honesty, I hate doing it! You just insert a finger and feel how high or low your cervix is. If you’ve never felt for it, it sort of feels like a knob with a hole in the center. After you’ve been doing it for a while, you’ll know what ‘high’ and ‘low’ is for your body. As I understand it, it’ll be highest at ovulation. Sorry if I’m not good at explaining it.



    That’s what I thought!



    I am in the 2ww… I am currently on 5/6 dpo and getting some symptoms… but I am trying not to think about it too much as I am scared I am thinking too much into the symptoms and I dont want to be disappointed when the day comes and nothing. But I am FX’ing that they are all good signs 🙂 What dpo are you jenica?




    Sprinkling all the baby dust I can for all of you!!! Wishing all of you a BFP real soon don’t give up it will happen!



    Diane haha your not old at all. My bfs mum is 49 and she has a 9 year old. Well maybe me and u are the youngest and the oldest on this chat? Haha


    very creamy CM…… a bit like EWCM but is like yellowy, is this normal after O???



    think I am on cd 22. 6 dpo. I hope a little bean snuggles down in the next few days



    Does it irritate anyone else that snooki can get pregnant and you can’t. I don’t drink, I eat well and take care of myself… ugh. LOL



    fighting with my dh.. i slept on the couch 🙁 thought i would pop in, say hi. congrats if i missed any bfps.. i am excited to hear ur test results! eeyore.. dont lose hope when is af due? i think 10dpo is soon wait 4more days or til af is supposed to show then test again..if its not ur month at least hubby is taking a step in the right direction for you 🙂 i am rooting for you ladies! baby dust all around.. take care.. talk to you later! I gotta go try and smooth things over with my hubby bc I cant deal with the silence……


    Not our month again… AF showed up 2 days early. Does this mean I’ll ovulate early?



    Hi ladies I am 8dpo AF is due on Tuesday 15th. I got a BFN today..silly I know. DH is going going to buy some more tests, when should I test. I really cannot wait to find out


    Thank u ladies, I dont want to keep writing this its so hard anyway my doctor did say to wait till after my next cycle and I am sorry for u ladies that have experienced this pain, I dont wish this on my worst enemy thanks for ur thoughts



    Thank you Cherry, i’m asking because my DH had low motility and I want to know if that will work.

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