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    Diane: Thanks that makes a lot of sense. I was hoping you’d weigh in on my issue! Good luck to you too!



    sarahjane-it feels like a irritated feelin below nd like af is cumin irritated feeling? idk if im explainin rite but dats da closet way i can explain it…mayb a wet srry feelin below ugh idk



    Wishing for a 3rd – It happened to me too with my last pregnancy but it randomly did it throughout my pregnancy. Ryan’s mummy – Welcome and hoping that it’ll be a short journey in TTC 🙂 Eve – Thanks I wasn’t sure if I really should but I will. Heck I should make sure I am O if I really want this month to stick!


    Brandy I’m ok just started to think it will never happen. I just called a RE to make an appointment so I can be more monitored bc my doctor doesn’t seem to care about me he just gives me another prescription for clomid but hasn’t tested for anything else like thyroid or sugar. My period is due next wed next week so my fx we will see:$



    Oh ya expect veins to pop up on your breasts and tummy too



    lol.. micro period!



    Goodevening ladies….Well I have my scan tomorrow morning (in Australia) and I guess I have mixed emotions about…not so much about the procedure but about what they might find…I am not expecting much sleep tonight as I struggled last night to get to sleep until I just crashed as I was just stressed and worried about it, so I am hoping that I can get some good sound sleep tonight – especially as I am not as stressed about it tonight…only problem I am still Bleeding (since Bding on Saturday) grrrrrr……



    MomtoAbi, wouldn’t it be great if AF just didn’t show. & all this spotting is from implantation? Ahhhhh one can hope!



    hisheart09, i dont want to get any hopes up…. but i def think you sound pregnant. with my daughter it happend almost like that lol. i was so tired that my hubby was getting mad because i was sleeping all the time. then my period was light (which i blamed on the pill- as i was taking BC at the time) and so forth and so on, needless to say i had all those symptoms, i didnt even feel i needed to take a test as we were trying, i was on the pill etc… i got a really strong ‘feeling’ to take a test, took it mid-day and before i was done peeing got a HUGE BFP. so i think that if you have already gone through that that you could probably test and get a pretty sure answer. btw… when is af due???



    Thanks LK ~*~*~



    thanks ladies, we’re both so ready to have a baby in the home again. there are days when thinking of having another child without Eli being here are hard BUT overall we just want to have a family again and will always have eli in our hearts. Cpalmer, i did go full term and had no complications… he was 7 weeks 6 days old so there is nothing that i have to wait for to get pregnant according to the DR. Basically they just want to make sure we are mentally ready.


    Good morning girls. Hope ur all well and staying positive. Can’t read back as am off to work but hope I haven’t missed any good news. 3DPO for me and already trying not to think about it haha. Have a lovely day x



    Ashes, I am a couple of days behind you. My temps dropped over the last two days. I am thinking a BFN is in the works – no biggie, I am feeling better about next month anyway!



    I just did and it worked!



    tomorrow is test day for me usually i have to get up during the night to pee should i take the test then or wait until the morning? They say use the first pee of the day but which is that?

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