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    Mommy2 – I’m with u on feeling down.. Just gotta keep positive thoughts though xx



    Cpalmer – sorry to keep talking about the OPK, but just to confirm, when the line is lighter then the control line but is very obvious and only slightly lighter, that means O is coming? or it doesn’t mean anything and it’s just negative?


    Planned parenthood said they cant do it, but referred me to a place called URGENT CARE CLINICS-and its right across the street from our condo! So it works out well, thanks so much babydoll!



    I love the older names that are coming back now. I have an aunt Ruby and I love that I also like month names. April is my favourite!



    Good morning, Happy New Year to everyone, I have not being on here for a while decided to try to relax over the holidays , I am out again this month as its 14 dpo and got a neg hpt this morning and can feel AF coming, thats my 6 months up now so I went to doctors during the week to get precribed clomid so hopefully that will work for us , Do any of you girls know what are the best days to take it ?



    lol thanks arlz, please make the next 25 mins go by fast so that my drs office’s lunch hour is over….i want to call and see if there’s any chance my bloodwork came in!



    hmmm…that’s interesting, for some reason everyone around me told me that it’s bad and i was like watermelon have so much liquid in it how could it be bad. i think i’ll just limit the aount of everything i eat just in case.



    DH is with your step D, right? The tough part of ‘blended’ families that live apart – did you have an early Father’s Day celebration, or will you have a late one? I just got home from visiting with my folks at their summer RV camp spot – very fun, but I’m POOPED!



    so I think I’m about 8 days PO, and I’m cramping badly right now. Too early to be AF, possibly implantation? Please be implantation, please, please, please!!!



    could anyone tell me if we count our cycles from teh day of teh flow or when there are spottings?


    ttc5…I took clomid too and hoping I O’d when I was supposed to. I got what I think was a pos on CD 13 ( opk) I pic is posted on my page it’s the last photo if you want to compare to yours. Do you have a pic to post ?



    depending on how tonight goes i may call the dr and try to go in tomrrow. the blood i am bleeding is really bright & mucousy and im cramping.



    crazymomma2010 – are you part energizer bunny??? we’ve missed out 3 days here due to someone (DH, hehe) falling asleep on the couch and me falling asleep upstairs waiting for him not realizing he fell asleep in the first place.



    CPalmer – Glad to hear you’re feeling better, I was bummed to hear you were in pain today 🙁



    and4eva- I hope the witch stays away for you too!

Viewing 15 posts - 45,016 through 45,030 (of 131,346 total)

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