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    momof2 – take care I hope you and your mom have a good day together and enjoy each other’s company and support during a time like this.



    2ndtime go to your account settings you can change it there



    thx wanting it is always good to know other people’s symptoms….
    I’m currently CD27 and 12DPO cervix is mid to low today after being HIgh since O but is still closed, feeling nauseas today but that could be because of my high fever i had the last two days (which thankfully has gone down) BB are still big but haven’t gone down…AF is due Monday…think i am not pregnant especially after being sick the last two days with fever and headache



    I just posted a picture to my profile of the test. Please take a look!! =)



    ready – I likely still will be 😀 maybe we’ll both get our BFP that day! how many dpo will you be then? Amy – I’m hoping it’s good cramping!!! 😀



    hey! We are TTC #2! I started using this website when I was TTC #1 now I’m back =) I bought a package of opk’s today. ive never used them before… when are you suppose to start using them?



    urgh ok so now im in a bad mood my mom just called and told me she heard from the grapevine im ttc and that i was selfish for wanting to have more kids. she had four and she is calling me selfish for wanting more….. i cant believe her!!!!!!!



    I don’t know anybody here anympre, everyone seems to have got their BFP 🙂



    I’m on cd 11 and I’ve been having cramps like af is comming. I don’t know if I’m about to ovulate or



    Well, I had my x-ray to make sure that my FT’s were clear today.. No blockages:) So, I’m feeling better about that. Now, here is to hoping that the Clomid does the job. I’ve been taking Metformin already, and now with the Clomid & the flushing of the tubes… I am trying to be very optimistic that this will be the month!!! Oodles of baby dust to all 🙂


    Thebigtomato: I must have missed your post about your dad. Im sorry hes going through this and I will say a prayer for your family and for the surgeons to guide them in a pos way. My dad (knock on wood) hasnt had any problems like that but is going through early stage altzeimers, my FIL had a major heart attack 8 yrs ago and to get a pacemaker, it was very scary but hes doing great now even though he only has 7% of a functioning heart. I think the thought of not seeing his grandkids again keeps him going..You and your family will be in my thoughts.



    Thanks Mileysmommy – I’m praying for you too!!



    Wantingfourth: sorry you are going through this, but I did bleed for three days when I was pregnant with my son. My hCG levels were also considered ‘low’ with him. You are so early on, hang on to see what the beta levels have to say. How is the cramping and bleeding now?



    @ wantababy what did your test say? If neg its could be AF just warming up if it pos aslong as its brown its old blood if it stops soon it should be okay but get it checked by your doc to be on the safe side. Good luck hope you’ve got a sticky bean in there or get your BFP soon.



    arlz…DD is still taking antibiotics for her ear infection…and i still have a tad of a cough but other than that we r good

Viewing 15 posts - 45,031 through 45,045 (of 131,346 total)

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