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    I have a 32 day cycle and ovulate cd18



    G-Night Ashes! And I totally feel ya on the dh being an *ss! I have been rethinking the ttc WITH him thing…LOL…I hope you feel better soon!



    @hoping- Thanks!! 🙂



    so so so sleepy guys any tips on how i can stay awake the rest of the day at work-really dont know whats up with me this week. No symptoms just wrecked tired-oh and headaches on and off 🙁


    This waiting is driving me mad!!! Only 2/3 DPO and already dying to find out… Good luck to all!! X



    Ladies Help!! DH and I are trying to time well, I posted another pic, I’ve been taking OPKs all day, can’t decide if they actually are positive, I think they are DH thinks they are not quite…. please take a look at my profile, 1st photo!!


    sunflower- yeah, I thought the same thing. This may be a stupid question, but why is it that the egg spometimes is not fertilized even if you know you bd on the day you ovulated? I dont get it??


    Jekka it needs to be as dark or darker than the control line for a pos opk keep testing and hopefully it will be at its darkest in a few days but when in doubt bd !



    @ turtle, you’ve had loopy, minibub, Mrs Buck (BTW congrats), GG, Sarahd, and me :-)))) with BFP. Sorry if I’ve missed anyone off the list and a load more testing over the next few days (BTW fingers crossed), that baby tree is swaying from the non stop shaking I’ve been doing heres hoping you get covered in head to to with lots of baby dust.



    well CD 13 today and I should be ovulating (if everything goes to plan) this weekend!!! Just a quick question: My AF was longer than normal…does this affect ovulation date? TIA



    Congrats to all the bfp:)…question what does fx stand for?????


    Diane~ i have a question for ya…. how early do the doller hpt’s work… 9dpo too early??? Im so itchin to poas


    Well cd11, so my dh went to town yesterday to return a blow dryer for me and he picked up some preseed woo hoo!



    nich- I think if he’s not ready as tempting as it is it will be so much better TTC when you are both in the same place. When it’s the right time it will happen. Maybe you should speak to him again about it if you really feel you want to start TTC? Good luck 🙂


    Yay! Cd12 and I got a smiley on my opk guess that’s why I’ve been having strange feelings today 🙂 bding tonight woo hoo! So excited to try out the preseed!!!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 45,046 through 45,060 (of 131,346 total)

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