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    yea i will be 14 dpo on the 16th. i love to think that im pregnant, i started out really happy and hopeful because i finally got positive opks, but im just loosing the faith during this 2ww that feels like two years!


    mommy to abi … I would love if we could get our bfp’s together ! Being here since May though I love you all .. I want to get into the weeks!!!


    Hopin- If you don’t see a second line when you look at the test normally and only see it when you hold it up in the light then I’d say the test is negative. That second line you are seeing is the evap line where a test line would show up. I’ve had faint lines and they are faint but you can see color in it and you don’t have to hold it up. So I think it’s a negative. Just retest in 3 days …if you are pregnant your HCG should double in the next 3 days



    After nearly 1 year off depo – wahoooo finally AF has arrived – never been so happy, never thought i would be so happy for AF to arrive but we can now put baby making plans into process 🙂 🙂 xx Thank you god xx



    Another BFN for me. guess this isnt my month…again. congrats to all the BFPs out there and babydust to everyone x



    can’t wait to hear how your appt goes mommi to abi 🙂 fx for you xx



    hi sarahC how are you girl?



    Amw ~ thats such sad news, you and your mum and all your family are in my prayers xxx



    yvonneshope —- that suck!!!
    now im kinda worried
    maybe i never ‘O’ the days i thought i ‘O’ evern thou we bd like crazy from cd 1 till cd now af has been coming in very normal for like 4 months every 29 – 30 im kinda scared that i might have irregualar periods again.. i hope i dont..but thanks yvonneshope i need to bd more again



    frenchie about your friend and taking out a loan and that its crazy hey wat we would give up or do to afford ivf.. i have concidered holding our hosue building plans to go towards ivf.. yes stupid i know lol.. hubby def wants a roof over his family heads at our farm where we truely want to bring them up not in town where we are now lol…



    ok im back dd is tucked away!


    Charmed this is what fertile aid is



    s.amos….FRER (first response is supossed to be the best test out there….personally i like dollarstore, very sensitive, ive hear clear blue are good too but more incidents with evap lines with the blue dye tests (blue is closer to grey then pink)



    Damnkat. How freaking desperate some people will get, just for the attention. It’s a pity…


    Hi ladies, so just wanted to share something strange.. TMI alert for some of you… As I have mentioned, I have weaned my little one as of a week ago today.. Well yesterday I noticed that around my areola is extremely dark! There is a noticably dark ring around it and I hadn’t had it that pronounced even when I was breastfeeding. My husband even noticed and said something! I read that this can be an early sign of pregnancy. I also thought it was strange because even tho its been only a week since I have weaned my daughter, my BBs are still KILLING me (mostly just sore.) I guess I’m just really thinking I’m pregnant, especially since I have been crying about every last thing! My husband and I usually keep a bunch of $5 bills in our glove compartment in our car for when we see homeless ppl on the street, I saw one yesterday, reached to grab a bill and noticed we were all out.. I cried for the next ten minutes, couldnt stop!!! lol Also a little TMI.. My hubby said that my labia looked a little purple and swollen???? Is this a possible sign as well?

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