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    ok so im off to try & sleep, night girls!



    gator – we hadn’t been BDing a ton, but occasionally….he is in really rigorous training right now so he is extremely tired at night. asleep by 8 usually. Chrissy – AF was due Tues at the latest and still nothin….no signs of AF for yet another day….



    moschop ~ hes in work and im off to work when he gets home! last month i got my smiley on cd 13 lke today but also ovulated the same day as smiley 🙁



    QUESTION!!!!!! Accu-Clear pregnancy tests how are they? i took one a min ago ( im still very early to test..just too impatient) and there is a VERY faint line, and no im not imagining it like i thought at first… lol. it was within the ‘read’ time i dont think that its a evap line… what do you girls think… can i get a tiny bit excited?????



    ok, bare with me ladies…i am trying to wrap my head around this whole OPK. Now my chart shows that ‘should’ ovualte on the 14th, with the most fertile date on the 13, fertile date on the 12, and possible fertile on the 11. So if i am getting this correctly, i should start testing on the 10th, just in case, and when I get a positve i will more than likely ovulate within 36 hours so start getting busy?!?!? If i’m way off can someone dumb it down for me. Thanks!


    so ladies…i’ve been kind of staying out of here this month and DH and i are just kind of leaving things in gods hands. He leaves to go to the middle east in 12 days so that is keeping my mind off of things. Anyway, I am about 8 DPO and havent felt anything! It’s kind of nice. I had been obsessing about things I were feeling and I think..well I know it was driving me nuts. If we are blessed with a baby this month I will be so very grateful, if not…then it’s just not meant to be yet. Congrats to everyone that has gotten their BFP’s and to those that are close or see faint lines LOTS OF BABY DUST TO YOU! I am off to do my cleaning monday and deal with a 21 month old that is so far into the Terrible Twos it makes me want to pull my hair out 😀 I say that with a loving smile on my face 😀



    Well cd12 for me today. Hubby and I skipped BDing lastnight so we will do it tonight and every night till Saturday. Its so crazy that I am so addicted to this planning. With our son we just let it happen and then with the miscarriage we did this same planning. It worked but we just didn’t have a healthy baby and God saw it fit that it just wasn’t meant to be.


    I know! 16 people in my county have died from it. I was like mom Im sick do i have insurance to go to the doc or do i need to get my own? & she was like AHh You have the swine!


    I agree with crazy the blue dye got me too!!!!


    okay. I bet it’s just early AF then. We werent trying this month..i didnt really even keep track of when we BD’ed and when i ovulated. 🙁 sadly, probably just AF torturing me again



    loopy- your temp has risen again, that’s a good sign! Fingers crossed you will get your BFP in the next few days. I’l probably start testing in a few days 4dpo atm, no symptoms except I felt sick this morning???



    Ruby, my weight is completely tied to my fertility hormones. I have weight gained from not being able to exercise much after my son was born. I was recovering from a back injury and the weight piled on. I have about 15 pounds to go until I get back to my ideal BMI (still on the higher end of ideal, but I don’t need to be super skinny!) Before I got pregnant with my son, my periods were very regular, as was my ovulation. Now, I have irregular cycles (they were getting better until my short cycle in April that landed me with a non viable pregnancy). So I am on a mission to get to an ideal weight again, as I know it will get me back on track as far as my cycles go. Of course, not everyone’s weight impacts their fertility or ability to carry a healthy pregnancy – but for some like me, I know there is a link!



    toomany- Thinking of you today…can’t wait to here how it goes!


    Toomany ~ Thanks for responding. I don’t have any preseed. TTC just kind of happened. I had to stop my BC because it was making me a bit edgy… I have wanted a 3rd, dh was hesitant, but this weekend he all of a sudden changed his mind 🙂 Not even sure if I have ovulated or what my cycle would be since I just stopped taking bc at the start of the month. Hopefully the CM and the pains are truly ovulation!! I’ll try tonight and hopfully we’ll catch that egg :):)



    So I am a freak of nature… Used to have a normal cycle but since I still am bf-ing my ds (14 mos) its killing my body. I calculated I have either been pregnant or lactating since June 2006. Oy! Well I discovered I have been ovulating during af!!! Ugh no wonder I haven’t gotten pregnant! The thing about bd-ing while I am on af is a) it’s gross and b) I will spot forever if we do! Granted this is all tmi but who better to share with than you ladies? Lol

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